140823 EXO – The Lost Planet in Singapore

Hey guys!!! Singapore EXO-Ls! I feel your so much having fun right now! EXO came to Singapore now, when will they go to Philippines 😦 But they’ll be here soon 🙂 For those who can’t watch their concert live, here’s the stream!



  • MAMA
    Let Out The Beast
    Lay’s Solo (I’m Lay)
    Moonlight (Kor.)
    Chanyeol’s Solo
    Angel (Chi.)
    Black Pearl (Chi.)
    Chen’s Solo (Up Rising)
    Sorry Sorry+Dream Girl+Ring Ding Dong+Genie+Gee” (Special Dance Stage)
    Sehun’s Solo
    Love, Love, Love
    Thunder (Kor.)
    D.O.’s Solo (Tell Me What Is Love)
    My Lady (Chi.)
    Baekhyun’s Solo (My Turn to Cry)
    Baby Don’t Cry (Kor.)
    Xiumin’s Solo
    Luhan’s Solo (The Star)
    Suho’s Solo (Beautiful)
    Peter Pan
    Tao’s Solo
    Heart Attack (VCR)
    Kai’s Solo
    Overdose (Kor.)

    Wolf (Kor.)
    Growl (Kor.)


I’m late, so you’ll probably hate me now. But Concert Starts at 8:30pm KST!

I’m sorry and I love you all! ❤ And BTS’s Danger, is still playing in my head! Haha the Bangtan Boys are awesome too, check them out!


2 thoughts on “140823 EXO – The Lost Planet in Singapore

  1. yahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* 😥 i’m not at the concert… I can’t i’m not there, i feel so unlucky and jealous nowwww

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