140824 [FANTAKEN] EXO Heading Back to Incheon


140817 EXO @ Incheon Airport to Nanjing (minus D.O)

Departing from Incheon ❤


It’s rip-jeans day for EXO today but…except for Xiumin 😀 Hahahaha! So cute^^ and hot

so, my bb D.O is not with them since he’ll arriving after them since he had to del with some other things like his acting ^^ :”> ❤


🎥[FANCAM] 140502 EXO-M in the streets of LA!🎥

[Kris in LA] credits: petaldora source: SuperMintIceCream

[Luhan in LA] credits: LureBambi source: SuperMintIceCream

[Chen and Xiumin in LA] credits:

[Kris Shopping in LA] credits: vionababy source: SuperMintIceCream

[Tao in LA] credits:  source: SuperMintIceCream

[EXO-M in LA] credits: vionababy source: SuperMintIceCream

[KRIS, TAO, & LUHAN in LA] credits: vionababy source: SuperMintIceCream

[KRIS & LUHAN in LA] credits:  source: SuperMintIceCream



Okay guys! here the fancams of EXO-M in the streets of Los Angeles! ❤ 😀 😀 😀







140405 EXO at the Airport Heading to China for Jackie Chan’s Birthday!

midnight deer | do not edit.  frozen | do not edit. main4cus | do not edit. <br />
baby lion | do not edit.<br />
    yeo i do, yes i do | do not edit.  <br />
pizzicato | do not edit.<br />
 <br />
aquamarine | do not edit.<br />
<br />
94style | do not edit.<br />
 virulent | do not edit.  <br />
시간을달리는소년 | do not edit.<br />
 <br />
magic potion | do not edit.<br />
 순애보 | do not edit.

credits: midnight deer , frozen , main4cus , baby lion, yeo i do, yes i do , pizzicato , aquamarine , 94style , virulent , 시간을달리는소년 , magic potion , 순애보

source: fy-exo

*I do not own these fantaken pics of EXO at the airport*


I only put here one picture for each member because there are lots of fantaken shots of EXO and it will be way too long and waste of time. But I’ll put best EXO shots from fans in other posts! When fans actually took shots of them, I got to see their change in hairstyle and hair color as well! Cool! They love different looks on their image! 🙂 😀

❤ ❤ ❤

– Caitlin