EXO’s Lu Han to Not Attend Thai Concert Due to Health Reasons

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EXO’s Lu Han to Not Attend Thai Concert Due to Health Reasons

EXO’s Lu Han will be absent from EXO’s upcoming Thai concert.

On September 12, a post came up on EXO-M’s official website, stating, “We would like to make a sad announcement that Lu Han will not be able to attend Exo From Exoplanet #1 – The Lost Planet launching on September 13 and 14 in Bangkok’s Impact Arena.

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140816 EXO on SMTOWN World Tour IV in Seoul – SMTOWN NOW



cr: namja104



As you can see, these are guys wearing red hot dresses. And the fourth one, with a short hair, that’s our leader, Suho.

Isn’t just me that Baekhyun and Sehun looked hot in this picture? O_O

Waaah, Luhan your too cute :3

Um, guys? What are you guys looking at?

I’m not blind, this is Ryeowook right? If it is, my bias from SJ and from EXO are together! ❤

Baozi didn’t change his pose at all, except for the hand

cr: SMTOWN NOW // ptt.cc

140815 SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Seoul!

Concert starts at 5pm KST!



SETLIST (EXO is highlighted)
(EXO left their sayings! Translations)
Suho: Welcome Participant!! Welcome to SMTOWN!! Let’s have fun together!! Let’s play!!!
Sehun: Please look to our performance with fun ♡
Baek: Participant ~~~ You are Together with EXO right? ♡ Love You!!
Xiumin: All Participant ~ Lets together with EXO >_<
Lay: Global Package Premium’s participant, I hope u’ll be happy watching our performance.
Luhan: Hope everyone comes to see us!
Kai: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM PARTICIPANTS !! You’re all ready to enjoy !! Let’s try to make unforgettable memories together ~~!
D.O.: It has been hard for participants who came all the way to Korea for this . Let’s try to enjoy together . Thank You.
Tao: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM Play happily oh~ Meet together, play together~
Chen: Participants ~!! Lets’ try making happy memories ^__^ Meet you at the concert venue of SMTOWN LIVE !
Chanyeol: Everyone ~ all the participants have received a lot of troubles/hardships in going all the way to Korea . Please watch the performance happily!

Sources: exokiss88, happyeols, 103oclock.

Source: X
1) SMTown NOW app
I don’t know if it will be a live stream of the entire concert or just SM trolling us with short snippets here and there but it’s better than nothing 😥

Install the app if you already haven’t!

Thank you! ❤

Lucky fans of Korea, they get to see their fave idols often! If I can just teleport to Seoul like Kai…

140814 G.O.D JP Instagram Update with EXO

멋쨍이동생들 #EXO 와함깨! 넘즐건시간이였어 매앤! 수고들햇어! EXO 90:2014 god편 많이 기대해주세요! #지오디 #엑소 #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah!

Trans: With the handsome dongsaengs #EXO! It was a lot of fun man! You’ve worked hard! Please anticipate EXO 90:2014’s GOD version! #GOD #EXO #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah! cr: yejun

EXO releases tease images for their 1st Photobook, “Die Jungs!”

EXO fans have more good news coming, as the boys are releasing their first photobook ‘DIE JUNGS‘!

‘DIE JUNGS’ (meaning ‘The guys’ in German) will come in 3 versions – an EXO version, an EXO-K version, and an EXO-M version. There’s a ‘premium’ set with all 3, including a set of photocards and a case that’s already sold out in most stores, so the photobook is already in hot demand!

source: allkpop

Photobook is set to be released on August 18th.

The EASIEST WAY on How to register to EXO-L Website

Those who had trouble in joining the EXO-L website, here’s tips from “cathylicious25” to share with all the fans out there! Goodluck! 🙂


Because everybody is going gaga on registering on EXO-L website, I decided to make this post to help those who have problems in registering.

The problem that we usually encounter is the Email Verification. So this guide will help you to skip all those process. Have fun 🙂

Things you need:

Verified Facebook Account or Twitter




First thing to do is to go to https://membership.smtown.com/User

wwwYou can change the language to English if you want. Just click ENGLISH on the top left side of the page.

Then, click the Facebook or twitter button. I used Facebook because it is easier.


Remember to keep refreshing (F5) the page once you get an error message.


In the same browser that you are using, your Facebook account should be logged in.


Once you click the Facebook button, a small pop up page will appear. Click okay to link your Facebook…

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