140822 EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin StarCast Friendship Interview

EXO KAI has started to support his best friend Taemin who is showing dangerous charms by changing into a mysterious thief after releasing his first solo album ‘ACE’! EXO KAI has performed together in Taemin’s solo album track ‘Pretty Boy’ (featuring. EXO KAI)’s stage and satisfied fans that always wanted to see Taemin & KAI’s Pretty X Sexy stage.
Issues! Dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ with best friend KAI, behind story of the stage is released for fans following Taemin & KAI’s stage, and self-written messages that conveyed each mind~!! Meet them today 🙂

At late night, Taemin and KAI met at a practicing room in SM Entertainment company building. They asked each other’s condition and health right after they met. Then they started to chat! The subject was definitely about Taemin’s first solo album activity! Since KAI is Taemin’s best friend who always looked forward to the release of the first solo album and cheered him up, he encouraged Taemin by checking his condition and the response toward the new album. After the long talk, the time of practicing the dance came~!!

Taemin “Ready~!!”
KAI “Ready, Go”

If you think of me as pretty and well, and even kind and tender, you have mistaken me with your imagination
(‘Pretty Boy’ lyrics)

Best friend duo, Taemin and KAI focused on practicing the dance without knowing time passing. After their first dance practice was over we interviewed them in order to ask each of their real minds. Both of them talked with good friendship and kind mind…

Q) What kind of friend is KAI to Taemin, and Taemin to KAI?!

My friend Taemin, (Taemin that KAI talks about)
I Believe~
Taemin always works hard, does his best, good and a smart friend more than anything. So I’m proud that he’s my friend and I’ve lots to learn from him. As you may have seen through SBS special ‘10,000 Hours’, Taemin is a real hard worker. He gives information about good videos or things that are good to know for each other, and he’s a friend that gives great help.

My friend KAI, (KAI that Taemin talks about)

I Believe~
KAI? He’s a dark-colored friend. LOL. KAI… he’s a taciturn friend. He’s a loyal friend who knows how to cares other without saying much. We built our friendship by sleeping together in the practicing room since long time ago. He’s just.. an insect (Taemin and KAI both laughs) KAI is a “black beetle ^^”. I was just joking. I’m so happy that we are so similar and have a lot in common whether it’s due to our long time being together, and I like that point.

Q) ‘Pretty Boy’s behind story?!

Taemin: I was supposed to do all the singing part and rap in ‘Pretty Boy’, but I thought KAI would match more to the rap part than me. And I wanted to do it with KAI. So I highly recommended KAI and pestered KAI to do it with me. But KAI positively joined and I’m really thankful.

KAI: Since I thought of our stage from long time ago, I readily agreed when Taemin suggested singing with him. I thought that I could show both rap and smart performance since ‘Pretty Boy’ has beat in it. Taemin is a friend and a senior at the same time, so I tried to do my best not to harass him, and I could join with good mind as a friend too. (Laughter)

Q) What are your thoughts about best friend Tamin and KAI’s first collaboration?

Taemin: Having a stage with a friend was a longing dream, and I think it has a great meaning. If there is another chance, I want to try what belongs to only us and new things.

KAI: First of all, I’m so happy that I could participate in featuring Taemin’s solo album track, and a horror that I could stage with my senior Taemin. I really thank for this great opportunity. I’m hoping big success since my energy is not only melted in ‘Pretty Boy’ but also the whole ‘ACE’ album of Taemin. Go Go!!

After the dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ was over, Taemin and Kai conveyed each mind by writing on Taemin’s album. The messages of best friend duo will be released in the last part, so please read this until the last!
Tada~!! After the practice was done until late night! We met Taemin at the waiting room of music program that Taemin & KAI’s ‘Pretty Boy’ stage is performed~!! He is charismatic mysterious thief Taemin today too!

He was lonely Taemin since he acted solo after performing as SHINee, but he’s not lonely today since his best friend KAI is with him! Taemin and KAI spent the waiting time by playing with the camera.
Finally, Taemin and KAI went up on the stage of ‘Pretty Boy’ rehearsal!

With KAI! # Different choreography although it looks same!
After the sweating rehearsal stage was over, they started the real stage! Since they prepared thoroughly, they could finish the ‘Pretty Boy’ stage without recording.

P-R-E-double T-Y-Pretty Boy~!!

Taemin and KAI came down the stage after neat stage greeting. They were all wet in sweat but they started to do monitoring by caring each other. We think that they are friends that could rely on each other and more sincere friendship since they had times of trainee, practicing dances, being up on stage as professionals, and monitoring together.

One more photo taken after coming down the stage! Please love #Taemin’s solo album ‘ACE’.
KAI sent a cheering message to Taemin who changed into a mysterious thief again after finishing ‘Pretty Boy’ stage. After asking whether it was hard and replying it was exciting each other, KAI headed for the next schedule and Taemin headed for the ‘Danger’ stage. Taemin decorated the ‘Danger’ stage splendidly as ‘Pretty Boy’ stage since KAI cheered up Taemin a lot for Taemin’s solo transformation. We hope that Taemin’s cordiality of showing gratitude to KAI and fans that cheer up Taemin’s solo transformation would be conveyed well!

Bonus) Taemin & KAI’s message of encouraging each other

To. KAI~^^!
I’m EXO’s fan… Can I get your autograph?? I have joined EXO L yesterday~ bbooing bbooing~ >_< Thank you for willingly joining in the featuring and I will support you if you need my help next time~!

To. Senior Taemin
Senior Taemin…. This is KAI. Can I have your autograph since we have taken photos together…? I’m just joking. I’m really touched that I’m writing a letter on the album which has Taemin’s name. I’m always looking at your stage and supporting you so don’t be sick and I hope your success. You’re so smart, Taemin!! Go Go!
Please give much support to Taemin’s solo transformation which KAI supports! Thank you 🙂

Writing/Picture = SM Entertainment

I’m mildly amused at how Taemin is just translate as Taemin, but since Kai is english-y or something they translate it in all caps. It’s not Kai, it’s KAI~!
I took out two or three pics of Taemin only because this is an EXO site. I’m personally a fan, so let me know if you want me to put them back in .-.

Source: SHINee News


140821 SHINee’s Taemin ft. Kai – Pretty Boy @ Mnet Countdown

EXO-L Official Board Update from EXO’s Kai~

Hello. This is EXO’s Kai.

Today I stood on the same stage with Taemin performing the song ‘Pretty Boy’. Thank you so much to EXO-L and SHINee World who came to see us record it this morning.

Thank you SHINee World for giving me such a warm welcome, I was really impressed to see all the support you gave Taemin. Although this was the first time I performed in front of SHINee World, I feel like we created really good memories together!

And EXO-L!! You gave me so much strength by coming to see me in the morning. It took a while [to record] so it must have been difficult for you. ㅜ I was impressed by how organized you guys were and touched by all the support. It’s been a while since I did a stage like this, and looking at it… I felt really, really good.

I felt so so good that I wanted to talk to you all after the performance had ended, but I couldn’t because they had to continue recording the next stage, so I’m writing this to tell you how I feel. As expected… I have nothing but you fans. To all the fans who couldn’t come today, I hope you will see this message and feel better.

EXO-L, you all know how I feel, right? Thank you!!

Mnet | dancerkai94 | namja1to4 [1] [2] [3] | exo-l via fy-exo



140815 [FANCAM] EXO in SMTOWN World Tour IV


Goodbye Summer – f(x) ft. EXO D.O

Missing You – Ryeowook, FTTS, & EXO D.O

Pretty Girl – Taemin ft. EXO KAI

SMTown – Hope(Light) and let us spot BAEKYEON!!! lol 😛



Something by Girls Day – Chagmin, Minho, Kyuhyun, and SUHO!

Want a Suho focus?


if you don’t want the videos, just watch the full concert

but I know you want Growl~ eururong dae!

140816 EXO on SMTOWN World Tour IV in Seoul – SMTOWN NOW



cr: namja104



As you can see, these are guys wearing red hot dresses. And the fourth one, with a short hair, that’s our leader, Suho.

Isn’t just me that Baekhyun and Sehun looked hot in this picture? O_O

Waaah, Luhan your too cute :3

Um, guys? What are you guys looking at?

I’m not blind, this is Ryeowook right? If it is, my bias from SJ and from EXO are together! ❤

Baozi didn’t change his pose at all, except for the hand

cr: SMTOWN NOW // ptt.cc

140815 SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Seoul!

Concert starts at 5pm KST!



SETLIST (EXO is highlighted)
(EXO left their sayings! Translations)
Suho: Welcome Participant!! Welcome to SMTOWN!! Let’s have fun together!! Let’s play!!!
Sehun: Please look to our performance with fun ♡
Baek: Participant ~~~ You are Together with EXO right? ♡ Love You!!
Xiumin: All Participant ~ Lets together with EXO >_<
Lay: Global Package Premium’s participant, I hope u’ll be happy watching our performance.
Luhan: Hope everyone comes to see us!
Kai: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM PARTICIPANTS !! You’re all ready to enjoy !! Let’s try to make unforgettable memories together ~~!
D.O.: It has been hard for participants who came all the way to Korea for this . Let’s try to enjoy together . Thank You.
Tao: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM Play happily oh~ Meet together, play together~
Chen: Participants ~!! Lets’ try making happy memories ^__^ Meet you at the concert venue of SMTOWN LIVE !
Chanyeol: Everyone ~ all the participants have received a lot of troubles/hardships in going all the way to Korea . Please watch the performance happily!

Sources: exokiss88, happyeols, 103oclock.

Source: X
1) SMTown NOW app
I don’t know if it will be a live stream of the entire concert or just SM trolling us with short snippets here and there but it’s better than nothing 😥

Install the app if you already haven’t!

Thank you! ❤

Lucky fans of Korea, they get to see their fave idols often! If I can just teleport to Seoul like Kai…

EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin strolls out in Han river from Dispatch



those pictures were taken on 3rd June by Dispatch at Han River. taekai were simply strolling around, chatting, laughing & had close gestures

131114 EXO and SHINee @ 2013 Melon Music Awards

“I’ve been two weeks gone, two weeks without posting new things about EXO. Since we had Saturday classes a while ago, I didn’t get to post earlier, so it was kind of late. Now, it’s my free time again, because all of my hard assignments and activities everyday are accomplished! So, I’ll start with this.”

EXO – “Growl,” Best song Of The Year

SHINee – Artist Of The Year

“OMO, *cries* Congratulations to my two favorite KPOP idols, EXO and SHINee! They give me all inspiration, these SMTown’s talented, drop-dead gorgeous, handsome EXO and SHINee!!! I can’t believe it, they had won it! They have such a pure talent! Saranghaeyo! Fighting!”

“I just loved their drama here, haha! Kai’s part and the girl is just like Twilight! Lol! And when the girl hit Kyungoo’s head with a ball, poor Kyungie.~I overall loved their performance of Wolf, they are so handsome with new looks again! And the second part of the drama, it still looks like Twilight when Kai went to the light and stuff like that. And on that certain night, they were walking home, hand in hand and happy. They met the EXO boys who were walking towards them, they look so serious? Are they like mad because of something to each other? Is it between a battle of EXO K and M? Or, Does the rest of the 11 boys also like the girl??? Then, Growl, as their second performance. Baekhyun, D.O, Kai, Luhan, and all of them are too cuteee! ❤ They’re just so good! EXO, Saranghaja!”~

“Wow! They did it again! SHINee’s Why So serious, EXO did it again! The EXO version of SHINee; D.O, Baekhyun, Luhan, Chen, and Sehun! They did it very well in Melon Music Awards, because it kinda looks like SHINee’s way of singing it.”

“Congratulations for EXO for ‘Growl’ as the ‘Best Song Of The Year!’ All of EXO fans around the world loves and will continue to support EXO til’ the end! I’m very proud that you guys won, my favorite male group in KPOP! I’m happy for all the hardwork they do and the unity within them! You truly deserve to be the best! I’m a 100% EXOStan/EXOtic and will forever be! I love these 12 drop-dead gorgeous, handsome, talented, funny, cute, angelic and derpy boys! Continue to support til’ forever! Saranghaja! SMTown, fighting! EXO, FIGHTING!”

“EXO, for their “Growl,” as the Best Song Of The Year and SHINee, as the Best Artist Of The Year! Congratulations! They were both on the top, they were both from SMTown Family, both are the best, talented, handsome in their own way, and they support each other even though they’re from different groups! Because they are after all a family! And My two favorite KPOP groups had won! *starts to cry* I can’t help it!!!! I’m too happy!!!!! I did cry a little watching this video, because for all their effort and hardwork they’ve been doing for their beloved fans. They really deserved it, for having this culture they have, their amazing and pure talent! They were so happy, overjoyed, ‘tears-of-joy’ kind of thing! A lot cried like Suho, Kai, All of them held hands and bowed as a sign of overwhelming gratitude to all their supporters and fans!”


EXO had won again. Their song, “Growl,” as the ‘Best Song Of The Year!’ I felt so happy and proud for all their effort and hardwork, the unity and teamwork they have, the bonding moments they share, hilarious and funny pranks they do with each other, and the love for their beloved EXO fans. I watched the video of EXO had won on Melon Music Awards. Tears just rolled down my cheeks as I saw all of them so overwhelmed, overjoyed, and very happy; especially as I spotted Suho, the appa of EXO, the loyal, the trust-worthy, and the….sexy leader who just cried his heart out—very much overwhelmed.


131031 EXO at SMTOWN Halloween Party!

SMTOWN family gathered together to celebrate The 5th Anniversary of SMTOWN Live Tour!

1376589_621558517886986_537159767_n 9703c8a7gw1ea35bzzxjbj20m80dcwj21378801_621558504553654_1788374732_nImageImage1395797_623489864360518_291774448_n1380312_623490257693812_1338633902_n1385356_623489581027213_168340315_n1000617_622159274493577_554169352_n1426742_623490597693778_655418576_n 818155948 c7fe33383fdb11e383e622000a1fb86d_8

D.O becomes Hulk in SNSD’s Taeyeon in InstagramBXrTOp_CIAA-M6U (1)

SHINee’s Jonghyun dressed as Naruto with EXO’s Suho


“I just got all the pictures from facebook SMTOWN! It sure is fun being with the SMTOWN family! How all of them are so great  and feeling the unity and the their tight bond with each other!”


130908 KPOP Republic Manila Press Conference (EXO-K and SHINee + EXO-K Leaving @ NAIA Terminal)

EXO-K In Manila Press Conference

“This happened last September 08 which was Sunday, this is the day I didn’t get to see them. By the way, Baekhyun said that there favorite tourist spot in the Philippines is Baguio :).”

SHINee In Manila Press Conference

“Yiee, JongKey…Key is just sooo extremely handsome here.”

EXO-K Leaving Manila @ NAIA Terminal 1

“This is happened after the concert and after the press conference, I wasn’t at NAIA to video them and watch them leave. *Le Cries* Bye-bye! But seriously the one who captured this was sooo lucky. They were just so tall, especially Chanyeol and Kai.”

– Caitlin

Note: Videos are not mine. They are just from random fans who uploaded it to YouTube. Thank You again for sharing it!


Chu ❤

130907 SHINee and EXO-K’s Performance in the ‘Big Dome’

EXO-K’s Performances:



3. 6. 5

Hawak Kamay + XOXO


EXO-K’s Wolf and History

EXO-K’s 3. 6. 5

Short Introduction + XOXO

Singing Filipino’s famous song “Hawak Kamay”

“Baekhyun, D.O, Chanyeol, Suho, so cute ^_^”

EXO’s Growl, “D.O, why sooo cute???”

“Thank you so much for sharing the videos, @tofuluck and @lamielsunga , such lucky people :)”


SHINee’s Performances:

Dream Girl




Why So Serious?

“I was really waiting them to show up, because they’re the last group to perform. I was screaming like hell especially waiting to see Minho’s face live, the first they performed was “Dream Girl,” which is one of my favorite songs, I was searching for Minho with my ultra duper clear binoculars. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there.”

SHINee’s Short Talk and Lucifer “Why so hot, Taemin???”

SHINee’s Beautiful Performance

SHINee’s Stranger

And the famous “Why So Serious?”

“Thank you for the people for sharing these videos!”

“These videos are not mine, they are from other fans who already uploaded it on YouTube. I haven’t uploaded my videos yet. Sorry. I apologize for not putting Dal Shabet’s performances, they are just not my type, just try searching it on YouTube. THanks!”



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