140823 EXO – The Lost Planet in Singapore SMTOWN NOW

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140815 [FANCAM] EXO in SMTOWN World Tour IV


Goodbye Summer – f(x) ft. EXO D.O

Missing You – Ryeowook, FTTS, & EXO D.O

Pretty Girl – Taemin ft. EXO KAI

SMTown – Hope(Light) and let us spot BAEKYEON!!! lol 😛



Something by Girls Day – Chagmin, Minho, Kyuhyun, and SUHO!

Want a Suho focus?


if you don’t want the videos, just watch the full concert

but I know you want Growl~ eururong dae!

140816 EXO on SMTOWN World Tour IV in Seoul – SMTOWN NOW



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As you can see, these are guys wearing red hot dresses. And the fourth one, with a short hair, that’s our leader, Suho.

Isn’t just me that Baekhyun and Sehun looked hot in this picture? O_O

Waaah, Luhan your too cute :3

Um, guys? What are you guys looking at?

I’m not blind, this is Ryeowook right? If it is, my bias from SJ and from EXO are together! ❤

Baozi didn’t change his pose at all, except for the hand

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140815 SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Seoul!

Concert starts at 5pm KST!



SETLIST (EXO is highlighted)
(EXO left their sayings! Translations)
Suho: Welcome Participant!! Welcome to SMTOWN!! Let’s have fun together!! Let’s play!!!
Sehun: Please look to our performance with fun ♡
Baek: Participant ~~~ You are Together with EXO right? ♡ Love You!!
Xiumin: All Participant ~ Lets together with EXO >_<
Lay: Global Package Premium’s participant, I hope u’ll be happy watching our performance.
Luhan: Hope everyone comes to see us!
Kai: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM PARTICIPANTS !! You’re all ready to enjoy !! Let’s try to make unforgettable memories together ~~!
D.O.: It has been hard for participants who came all the way to Korea for this . Let’s try to enjoy together . Thank You.
Tao: GLOBAL PACKAGE PREMIUM Play happily oh~ Meet together, play together~
Chen: Participants ~!! Lets’ try making happy memories ^__^ Meet you at the concert venue of SMTOWN LIVE !
Chanyeol: Everyone ~ all the participants have received a lot of troubles/hardships in going all the way to Korea . Please watch the performance happily!

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1) SMTown NOW app
I don’t know if it will be a live stream of the entire concert or just SM trolling us with short snippets here and there but it’s better than nothing 😥

Install the app if you already haven’t!

Thank you! ❤

Lucky fans of Korea, they get to see their fave idols often! If I can just teleport to Seoul like Kai…

140811 EXO-L fanclub Official ‘From Star’ Board Updates

Hello. Welcome you gus, EXO-L.
From now on, let’s build sweet memories together~

Hello, everybody of EXO-L!!
How finally EXO and EXO-L become one!^^
Just like the slogan “We are one”, EXO-L and EXO unite into one.
Let’s try to happy together for a long long time.
EXO EXO-L~ We are one!!!

Hello hello, this is EXO KAI, Mongoo’s father!

Mongoo has just got a beauty treatment~
In the last autograph event, Many fans told me that
they want to see my puppy’s photos !!
He is sooooo cute, so uploaded on the official website for showing off!!
It’s not the reason why I don’t have anyone to show..

By the way, hope all of Exo-L has a great day with a big smile for these cute photos~~~

……..THE END…

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To view it officially and comment, log-in to your account in EXO-L or if your not yet a member, hurry up and register! *See it on COMMUNITY and click ‘FROM STAR.’* ❤ 😀


140805 EXO welcomes new fanclub, EXO-L!

Welcome you guys, EXO-L~!! ^–^
From now on, we are going to frequently update fun stories
about EXO and EXO-L, so please visit a lot.
Everybody, wish you all the luck ^0^


Finally EXO’s Official Fanclub is Started!!

EXO-L liaises between EXO-K and EXO-M !! Beautiful isn’t it!?
I know you like it!? From now You are with EXO, WE ARE ONE!!

Be with EXO, be together 4ever!! ❤❤❤❤

EXO-L.. nice name.
We will be more proud of EXO, always be happy with us~
Thank You.
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140415 EXO Comeback Showcase! (OMG, it’s here! asdfghjkl)

comeback performance showcase in order 🙂 Thanks to exoticlover88

1. Opening VCR

2. Wolf

3. History

4. Talk

5. Mama

6. VCR

7. Growl

8. Talk

9. Like It Like It (remix, not EXO’s song)

10. Run

11. EXO-K’s Overdose mv airing O_o

12. Overdose O_o

13. Talk

14. EXO-M’s mv airing O_o



15. Lay and Kai dancing



Finally it’s here oh asdfghjkl ASDFGHJKLQWERTOZCVNAGHJK GHJKLGKL! Oh gosh, I watched the whole performance of their comeback in youtube (IN order) and I just saw the airing of their freaking mv! Lucky Korean fans! They saw it first on comeback before on youtube! 😀 Nevermind, I just watched their Overdose performance! it was freaking rad and they are so amazing!!! ASDFGHJKL. Thank to the people (fans) who shared these videos! ❤


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EXO SCHEDULE [EDITED] (sticky post)






  • 08/02 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Xi’an
  • 08/23 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Singapore
  • 09/13 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Bangkok (Day 1)
  • 09/14 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Bangkok (Day 2)
  • 09/20 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing
  • 11/11 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 1)
  • 11/12 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 2)
  • 11/13 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 3)
  • 11/18 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 1)
  • 11/19 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 2)
  • 11/20 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 3)
  • 12/22 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 1)
  • 12/23 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 2)
  • 12/24 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 3)


  • 08/15 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Seoul @ 5:00pm KST
  • 10/04 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 1) @ 5:00pm KST/JST
  • 10/05 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 2) @ 4:00pm KST/JST


  • 07/28 Meilishuo Fansign in Beijing @ 1:00pm CST (EXO-M)
  • 08/08 Aima Mix Bicycle Fanmeeting
  • 08/31 Lotte Family Concert @ 7:00pm KST
  • 10/25 2014 MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing


  • 08/13 SBS It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 7 @ 9:55pm KST (D.O.)
  • 08/14 SBS It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 8 @ 9:55pm KST (D.O.)
  • 08/03 SBS Roommate Episode 14 @ 4:40pm KST (Chanyeol)



  • 09/21 Chen ♡


 ▶ N ow   P l ayi n g: 🎶


credits: fy-exo , thank you 🙂

– Cait 🙂

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140224 EXO Suny10 CF + behind the scenes & Mnet Wide’s Cut

All 12 members of EXO have been chosen to be the new models for Coca Cola Korea’s beverage Sunny10.

Coca Cola Korea announced, “In 2012-2013, the six members of EXO-K were the models for Sunny10, but in 2014, all of the EXO members will be the models.” Through the Sunny10 commercial, EXO will be sending out hopeful and refreshing messages to young people, fighting through life’s difficulties. Coca Cola Korea added, “EXO will be the best model to give out the message that young people, who are struggling in their reality, have the potential to succeed, which they may not be aware of.”

souce: mwave , newsen

S.M The Ballad Vol.2 Album “Breath” article

The Album will also have a random photocard of a member who took participation in this release which is set for February, 13th.

Also EXO are set up to have a quest appearance @ ‘Element of Joy’ (China Hunan TV) on February 14th, and Jongdae & Zhang Liyin are going to sing chinese version of “Breath” from SM Ballad. (I thinks this performance is actually “Lantern Festival Gala” as it’s said here, a bit confused tho)
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140116 The 28th Golden Disk Awards

ImageDate & time : January 16th 2014 5pm – 9pm
Location: Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace
Broadcast: JTBC
MCs: SHINee’s Minho, B2ST’s Yoon Dujun, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, Oh Sangjin, SNSD’s Taeyeon & Tiffany

“According to a representative, the idol stars won’t just be singing their own songs, they’ll also be performing some of the greatest GDA Daesang songs of all time.” – Wonder what our boys will perform?
cr: Soompi

The official hashtag is #GoldenDisk!

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