140820 EXO Ice Bucket Challenge on IG

안녕하세요 엑소리더 수호입니다. 제가 개인sns가없어 멤버 세훈 인스타그램에 올립니다. 먼저 저의 친한 광희형, 에디킴 덕분에 아이스버킷챌린지란 좋은 캠페인에 함께할수있어서 정말 기쁘고 영광입니다. 저의 아이스버킷챌린지로 루게릭병에 대해서 한분이라도 더알고 관심을 가져주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 저는 두분에게 지목을 당했으므로 아이스버킷을 두번뒤집어쓰고 200달러를 기부하겠습니다. 다음 지목은 EXO세훈, 보아선배님, 배우 변요한입니다. 감사합니다.

Hello this is EXO’s leader Suho. Because I don’t have a personal sns account, I am posting this on member Sehun’s instagram. First, I am so happy and honored to take part in a good campaign like the ice bucket challenge due to my good friends Kwanghee hyung, Eddy Kim. I hope that through my ice bucket challenge at least one person will become aware about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Because I was challenged by two people I will pour the ice bucket twice on my head and donate 200 dollars. Next I challenge EXO’s Sehun, Boa sunbaenim, actor Byun Yo Han. Thank you.

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140808 YEOLstagram Update


경수 모니터링 겸 놀리려고 보기 시작한 괜사가 너무재밌다….나드라마보는거 별로안좋아하는데.. 매주 수요일이 목요일이 기다려진다.. 하.. 너란드라마..☆ #괜찮아사랑이야 #경수연기잘한다 #이제귀도별로안빨개짐 #자까뉨 #우리엄마때뤼지말아요 #ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

trans: Started watching IOTL so I could monitor Kyungsoo and make fun of him….And although I don’t really watch dramas.. now I’m looking forward to every Wednesday and Thursday.. Ha.. Because of this drama..☆ #ItsOkayThatsLove #KyungsoosActingIsReallyGood #HisEarsDontGetSoRedAnymore #Author-nim #DontHitMyMom #kkkkkkkkk 

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Those are pretty much all of it, hehe. I didn’t really get to make it clear and near because I was just in the General Admission area, the cheapest area in the Big Dome. I went last September 07, 2013 which is on Saturday and it starts at 7:30pm. I really had fun and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I felt so happy to finally see my favorite KPOP idols; SHINee and EXO. I really loved EXO but it was EXO-K who only went which was still great but top of all that, it was SHINee that I was really craving to see. When SHINee, the last group who performed, unfortunately Minho wasn’t there!!! *pouts* Dal Shabet were also there, but they are not clearly my type. I was so happy that I get to see my fave idols live! And I truly thanked my mom for buying the tickets!


P.S. The date at the bottom right corner of the pictures is the incorrect one and also the time. It was really 09. 07. 13. ~




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