Join other 1 million stars in the EXO-L fanclub!

It has been 5 days and finally I already became a member! So, E-mail verification is everyone’s problem…

And easiest way is to just get your Facebook or twitter verified, then complete the sign up in MUSIC NATION SMTOWN, after becoming a member go directly to EXO-L site and log in. Congratulations, your an EXO-L star now!

So, check your L-Card as well! And make sure you answer each member’s quiz! Click on the planets (ex: Sehun) and answer the questions with a correct answer. Then, after you answer one members planet, you’ll be entering a coupon winning a prize! (like: CD album, voice mails, etc) Let’s just all wish we’ll be winning all the event prizes for August! So, if you answer all the tests correctly all the planets will light up. Also, don’t forget to meet fans online, see other fanboards and make your own fanboard, see messages from stars (EXO), and staffs’ diary as well! 😀 So, enjoy!

Let’s all see each other in the EXO planet ! >< 😛

Be a member of SMTOWN first.

Second, log in to EXO-L.

Then, enjoy your stay. 😀 ❤


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