🎂Happy Birthday Kim Junmyeon! #HappySuhoDay 🎂

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#hashtags: #HappySuhoDay  #HappyAngelSuhoDay  #HappyGuardianSuhoDay  #HappyGurdianDay

greet on twiter a happy birthday to our beloved leader, Kim Junmyeon~!



tumblr_n5bk6tltnR1rm35o3o1_500KIM JUNMYEON aka SUHO

Born: May 22, 1992

In Korea, he is officially turned 24 years old ! 🙂


Our beloved leader of EXO

Our guardian angel

Our rich oppa (who uses credit card ><)

Our loving and protective appa

Our handsome and cute boy

Our cool and endearing MC

He is passionate and hardworking

He is a great, caring & sexy leader

Loves his boys and fans

Has a voice of an angel

He is funny and humorous

His gorgeous smile

His cute face when he cries if EXO wins (we are proud of you!)

And his dorky adorableness…

~ ^^ ~

“SUHO OPPA! We are all proud of you! For taking care and loving your members and your fans! And for the winning you experience! You are a truly great leader and for being there for EXO and for us fans! Even Kris left, he left because it will be for the good…

We are one! EXO, saranghaja! Suho, saranghaja, we are all here to love and support you all throughout!”

“I’m of the style to work hard, even for small things.”

“During the 4th or 5th year, I injured my leg and I couldn’t dance for a year. I was worried that I’d be behind my fellow trainees and it would never heal. It was really scary.”

“Honestly I’ve wanted to give up a lot of times. But I worked hard. I think the reason why I managed to endure it during 7 years is because I believed I would have succeeded if I worked hard.”

“Everything I’ve dreamed of in the past seven years all came true in these three days.”





My Birthday Message for Suho: 😀

Dear Suho,


Happy 24th birthday Kim Junmyeon oppa! Suho turned a year older again (our cute appa^^) You are a great leader to EXO and your like there appa, who loves, cares, and protects them forever. You are a hardworking and passionate in your career, to your members, and your fans! You always win in performances because of your leadership that motivates the boys to be always “WE ARE ONE.” I am so proud of you and your leadership, humbleness, and love for EXO. You will always be my handsome, cute, talented, endearing, dork, adorable, sexy, and funny Suho. XD Your dongsaengs and your 3 hyungs are always there for you. I admire your passion and you give always your very best in everything. You have done a great step for EXO again. We love you! So, I know in some events that you don’t have Kris (EXO-M leader) to be with you. It’s okay. Kris will still be a part of EXO always! Stay strong always! Wish all the best for you in your birthday and everyday! Suho fighting! EXO, Saranghaja! “WE ARE ONE!” ❤






EXO birthday greeting for Suho on Instagram

from Baekhyun:


엎드려도 이렇게나 멋있네요 .. 그렇다면 오늘 생일이니깐.. 크흠😈 #생일축하합니다.리더김준면

trans: You look cool even when you’re lying down like this .. that’s only the case because it’s your birthday today.. ahem #HappyBirthday.LeaderKimJunmyeon


from Sehun:


Happy birthday🎵👄#suho


from Lay:


생일 축하해라 리더 김준면 ~^^ 엑소 잘부탁한다

trans: happy birthday leader kim junmyeon ~^^ please look after exo


from Tao:


우리엄마생일축하해~~ 사랑해 리더엄엄마♡♡♡♡♡♡

trans: happy birthday to our umma~~ i love you, leader umma♡♡♡♡♡♡


from Luhan:


생일축하해~ !

trans: happy birthday~ !


from Chanyeol:


내사랑 리더형 생일축하해요♥

trans: my love leader hyung happy birthday♥


EXO’s Manager Tweeted:

Happy Birthday to our dear sweet leader SUHO~♥!! again ver. 33..


Source: Groovechaja




DID YOU KNOW? Exotics Usa donated a water fountain for the children in Gaza in name of Kim Joonmyun, and also named a star after him!




credits: exochocolate and gifs, photos, videos are not mine

Sorry for the belated post! 😦

Love yah guys! ❤










































🎂Happy 23rd Birthday Byun Baekhyun! #HappyBaekhyunDay #PrinceBaekhyunDay #EyelinerKingBaekhyun🎂


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– also known as Baek, So-go-gi, Baekkie, Bacon, etc.

– EXO-K’s Main Vocalist (EXO’s Vocal)

– Cute, handsome, gorgeous, funny, naughty, happy

– Probably the most talkative in the group (aside from Suho & Yeol)

– Has adorable, weird, and funny actions (like; his winks and his motorbike sounds)

– He’s beautiful when he puts on makeup, specifically eyeliner (Eyeliner King)

– Chanyeol’s lovely hyung and best boy friend

– Famous EXO OTP Couple, Chanbaek/BaekYeol

– In EST, he was closer to Chen and on EXO’s Greeting party in Japan (MC: Who’s your ideal type? Baek: Chen) also ChenBaek/BaekChen

– He’s good at imitating people (especially Tao on EST Ep 12)

– Baeksoo, Baekho, Baekyeol, Baekhun, Baeklu, Baekchen, BaekTao, Baekkai, Baekmin, Baekxing, Baekkris

– He’s hot when he sticks his tongue out and lip biting

– He never fails to make his members smile, be happy, and laugh

– His famous word, “Oh ya kkaebsong” “Oh ya kkaebsong, I got a shock”

– His dream as an all around entertainer, singer, dancer, actor, and as a emcee/host

– He’s a one true, performer

– His amazing and beautiful vocals that makes us go O_O

– His passion and love for his career, his members, and his fans

– Fearless and warm hearted angel

– His beautiful dark brown, blonde, light brown, and black hair

– His famous eye smile that makes his eyes crinkle adorably

– His rectangular shaped mouth when he smiles

– His contagious happy mood 😀 and everything about him is perfect^^



BONUS: with Chanyeol, Chen, D.O and Suho~ ❤





To my dearest Baekhyun,

First of all, I would like to greet a very Happy happy 23rd birthday Byun Baekhyun! My cute, handsome, gorgeous, talented, adorable, beautiful, sweet, funny, talkative, naughty (at sometimes), amazing, fearless, lovely, true, and happy bias ❤ You just never failed to make me smile. Your truly a happy person by nature. Your turning a year older again Bacon! You have been adored by millions of fans and me, because of your amazing personality. You make your EXO members and other people smile all the time with your silly weird but adorable jokes. You also give out your best in everything to your career, members, and fans. Your a hardworking bacon. Even rough times and trials, you got out of it and will always find a way. Just perfect. When I watched EXO showtime’s first episode, you are just so endearing and I just smile watching you. I love your famous eye smile, your face, your rectangular mouth when you smile, your hands, your hair, etc. Your amazing vocals that makes me go O_O (larger than D.O if possible^^) that touches every fan’s heart. When you imitate people, your motorbike sounds, and your cute actions! Your closeness with the members, mostly with Chanyeol, Chen, Suho and D.O. Before, when you weren’t an idol, your dream is to become known with your voice, your talents, and being an all around entertainer. Then, it just happened. You are an all around entertainer. You sing, dance, act, host, and just be yourself. Your just amazing ❤ With your famous buzz words, “oongya, oongya” “my appa said that” and the greatest of all, “oh ya kkaebsong.” I love you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Stay healthy and smile all the time! Enjoy your day! God bless and stay tight with your family and your EXO boys, who loves you dearly. Just BE HAPPY 😀

– Caitlin 🐻



This is Baekhyun who is always happy, aka Alhahyun!
[t/n: he abbreviated 항상 행복한 백현 into 항행현 = always happy Baekhyun into Alhahyun]
I want to thank all the people who are always giving their love to us and looking after EXO and Baekhyunie.
I really think I’m happier and more blessed than anyone I know!
(Because of all you fans^^ /whisper whisper)
From now on, I will show an even better image to everyone!
Please continue supporting EXO and Baekhyunie who grow even more by “eating” the fans’ praise and love!
Thank you!! I love you, everyone!!

Sleep well guys! ><

trans: fy-exo | source: smtown’s official website

(lol…his words :P)










































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🎂Happy Birthday to our Kungfu Panda Tao!!! #PrinceQingTAODay🎂

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~ EXO-M Maknae

~ Kris’ favorite (TaoRis <3) 👸

~Emotional Tao 😂

~Kungfu Panda 🐼

~Martial Arts expert (wushu!!!)

~Buing buing

~Cute eyebag Tao

~Obsessed with GUCCI  💼

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> oreo | do not edit.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> ” width=”500″ /></a><a href= exoyeah | do not edit.  exoyeah | do not edit.  exoyeah | do not edit.

Romantic Almighty Diamond Vip AB Style Kungfu Panda is turning 21!
Happy Birthday beautiful prince!

“I do would like someone could hear my singing.”
Tao Weibo November 2009


“Even if the whole world and all my friends misunderstand me, I won’t explain. I know what I’m doing.”
Tao Weibo February 2010

“The more you feel like giving up, the more you can’t do that.”
Tao Weibo November 2010

“I won’t stop even if throat bleeds and dancing until feet run with pus.”
Tao Weibo January 2011

“For this dream of mine, I really gave up a lot of things. But I feel that from the time I was born until now, this is really, really, the one thing that makes me happiest.”
Somewhere 2012/2013 I can’t find the exact date

Those who do not seek to be better will always only be eliminated, there’s no exception. I can only refresh myself,looking at a different self every day. I’m T A O
Tao Weibo October 2013

“HL will never not be blue,HZT will never not be here.To us,nothing in the world is impossible.
Tao Weibo November 2013

One of the most beautiful fanvideos of Tao ❤

Huang Zitao, born May 2nd 1993 also known as “Romantic Almighty Diamond Vip AB Style Kungfu Panda”.
Boy with lots of talents; Wushu, Rap, Singing & being the sweetest kid on earth.
He’s sweet, genuine & caring. Always speaking his mind and wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Happy Birthday again to you little baby panda!
May all your dreams continue to come true, stay healthy, happy and safe!
Please don’t ever change, Hailangs love you ❤

Everyone should also read this Tao Appreciation Post!


140501 Tao Update
“Mmm…. Thank you, everyone? I don’t know what to say anymore~ Love you guys. Because I’m gonna be on the plane, I probably won’t get to thank you guys on time. So…. I’m thank you guys earlier for everything you have done for me. I love you guys~”

“Oh, and… Even though we can’t have a birthday party together, it’s okay. We’ll celebrate, 2nd of May, this beautiful day in our heart. With you guys and EXO, I’m very happy.”

Well, lets leave all those feels for a second and look at fansite ads and projects!





In Quingdao

The store is playing a Tao Birthday video

TAOASIS Ads in front of famous coffee chains such as Dunkin’ Donus, Hollys Coffee, Tom n Toms & bene

Myeongdong station

LED Ads in Gangnam

Tao liked a post about his LED ads!

TAOUCH donated to build a waterwell with his name engraved

Tao Support at Xian Airport

credits: keika_love , thanks for this!!!


okay, so #PrinceQingTAODay is trending in twitter 🐤 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Happy 21st Birthday to the cute kungfu panda maknae Huang Zitao!!! ❤ This cute buing buing I love! Tao makes me smile a lot, at his cute actions and I love it to bits! Just I know before when he was just 19 and now 21! How fast!!! Especially in EXO Showtime, you were so nervous when you’ll enter the Haunted House. Sehun wanted to go in quickly but Tao wanted to go home! Haha… 😀 Then, when it was the maknaes turn, he said, “If I don’t scream, you buy me beef!” When you just came near the entrance of the house, “I don’t wanna go in, I might die!” And it made my day! You are too cute! And you are the most emotional in EXO! And that’s what I like about this panda Tao!!! Good health and blessings for your birthday! And with Kai and Sehun and your funny, sweet, and caring hyungs and your family by your side! Tao, fighting! Saranghaja! ❤ EXO fighting! 🙂

-cait 🐻

EXO SCHEDULE [EDITED] (sticky post)






  • 08/02 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Xi’an
  • 08/23 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Singapore
  • 09/13 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Bangkok (Day 1)
  • 09/14 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Bangkok (Day 2)
  • 09/20 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Beijing
  • 11/11 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 1)
  • 11/12 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 2)
  • 11/13 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Fukuoka (Day 3)
  • 11/18 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 1)
  • 11/19 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 2)
  • 11/20 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Tokyo (Day 3)
  • 12/22 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 1)
  • 12/23 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 2)
  • 12/24 THE LOST PLANET Concert in Osaka (Day 3)


  • 08/15 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Seoul @ 5:00pm KST
  • 10/04 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 1) @ 5:00pm KST/JST
  • 10/05 SMTOWN Live Tour IV in Tokyo (Day 2) @ 4:00pm KST/JST


  • 07/28 Meilishuo Fansign in Beijing @ 1:00pm CST (EXO-M)
  • 08/08 Aima Mix Bicycle Fanmeeting
  • 08/31 Lotte Family Concert @ 7:00pm KST
  • 10/25 2014 MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing


  • 08/13 SBS It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 7 @ 9:55pm KST (D.O.)
  • 08/14 SBS It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 8 @ 9:55pm KST (D.O.)
  • 08/03 SBS Roommate Episode 14 @ 4:40pm KST (Chanyeol)



  • 09/21 Chen ♡


 ▶ N ow   P l ayi n g: 🎶


credits: fy-exo , thank you 🙂

– Cait 🙂

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