140605 [HQ SCANS] EXO – KOLON SPORT shirt




140320 Tao Meiluisho Weibo Update

EXO-M will apparently be endorsing Meilishuo and this is from the CF filming where the staff said Tao wouldn’t stop hugging the bear

#天团EXO-M代言美丽说# 听闻@EXO-M 正在美丽说的广告片拍摄现场~ 有位成员躲在可爱的大熊后面哦!他一直在抱着哦!据说真相已经出现在某人的微博头像里了哦~~[可爱]

credits: the owner of this all (sorry, I just got it from exochocolate and no source was put)

thanks to all this~

140307 [ENG SUB] Sehun Sunny10 CF Teaser

cr: exoticsubs


“Sorry the long days that I did not update, I’ve been so busy with school because of accomplishing requirements. I can’t update anymore cuz’ everytime I go home from school around 4pm, I feel tired. Please bear with me. Good thing, it’s I’m done with everything and it’s almost summer! So I cn update daily!”

– Caitlin