140824 [FANTAKEN] EXO Heading Back to Incheon


140815 [FANCAM] EXO in SMTOWN World Tour IV


Goodbye Summer – f(x) ft. EXO D.O

Missing You – Ryeowook, FTTS, & EXO D.O

Pretty Girl – Taemin ft. EXO KAI

SMTown – Hope(Light) and let us spot BAEKYEON!!! lol 😛



Something by Girls Day – Chagmin, Minho, Kyuhyun, and SUHO!

Want a Suho focus?


if you don’t want the videos, just watch the full concert

but I know you want Growl~ eururong dae!

140816 EXO on SMTOWN World Tour IV in Seoul – SMTOWN NOW



cr: namja104



As you can see, these are guys wearing red hot dresses. And the fourth one, with a short hair, that’s our leader, Suho.

Isn’t just me that Baekhyun and Sehun looked hot in this picture? O_O

Waaah, Luhan your too cute :3

Um, guys? What are you guys looking at?

I’m not blind, this is Ryeowook right? If it is, my bias from SJ and from EXO are together! ❤

Baozi didn’t change his pose at all, except for the hand

cr: SMTOWN NOW // ptt.cc

140815 YEOLstagram Update

생명의나무 인도버전 #내일도 #이렇게하면 #꿀잼 #재원이형이 #디렉팅해주심 #첸도있음 #리허설언제끝나지

trans: Tree of life, indian version #TomorrowAlso #LikeThat #WillBeFun #JaeWonHyung #Directing #ChenIsAlsoHere #WhenWillRehearsalEnd [x]

A new formation of the ‘tree of life’ guys! 😀



140814 G.O.D JP Instagram Update with EXO

멋쨍이동생들 #EXO 와함깨! 넘즐건시간이였어 매앤! 수고들햇어! EXO 90:2014 god편 많이 기대해주세요! #지오디 #엑소 #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah!

Trans: With the handsome dongsaengs #EXO! It was a lot of fun man! You’ve worked hard! Please anticipate EXO 90:2014’s GOD version! #GOD #EXO #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah! cr: yejun

140813 EXO Cut Mnet Moon Hee Jun Pure 15

Source: Double Est


1. Sehun’s slim legs
2. Chen & Xiumin look like Chinese members
3. Kai looks like an Arabian (with traumatizing photoshop)
4. Lay’s L
5. D.O.’s excellent drawing skills
6. Princess Xiumin
7. Luhan’s military shorts & Sehun borrowing it
8. Sohee’s Kai
9. Sehun’s minuscule scratch on his cheek
10. Chen’s knees
11. Xiumin’s sweat
12. Kai’s paper bag
13. D.O.’s onion
14. Xiumin’s chubby photos

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