140822 EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin StarCast Friendship Interview

EXO KAI has started to support his best friend Taemin who is showing dangerous charms by changing into a mysterious thief after releasing his first solo album ‘ACE’! EXO KAI has performed together in Taemin’s solo album track ‘Pretty Boy’ (featuring. EXO KAI)’s stage and satisfied fans that always wanted to see Taemin & KAI’s Pretty X Sexy stage.
Issues! Dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ with best friend KAI, behind story of the stage is released for fans following Taemin & KAI’s stage, and self-written messages that conveyed each mind~!! Meet them today 🙂

At late night, Taemin and KAI met at a practicing room in SM Entertainment company building. They asked each other’s condition and health right after they met. Then they started to chat! The subject was definitely about Taemin’s first solo album activity! Since KAI is Taemin’s best friend who always looked forward to the release of the first solo album and cheered him up, he encouraged Taemin by checking his condition and the response toward the new album. After the long talk, the time of practicing the dance came~!!

Taemin “Ready~!!”
KAI “Ready, Go”

If you think of me as pretty and well, and even kind and tender, you have mistaken me with your imagination
(‘Pretty Boy’ lyrics)

Best friend duo, Taemin and KAI focused on practicing the dance without knowing time passing. After their first dance practice was over we interviewed them in order to ask each of their real minds. Both of them talked with good friendship and kind mind…

Q) What kind of friend is KAI to Taemin, and Taemin to KAI?!

My friend Taemin, (Taemin that KAI talks about)
I Believe~
Taemin always works hard, does his best, good and a smart friend more than anything. So I’m proud that he’s my friend and I’ve lots to learn from him. As you may have seen through SBS special ‘10,000 Hours’, Taemin is a real hard worker. He gives information about good videos or things that are good to know for each other, and he’s a friend that gives great help.

My friend KAI, (KAI that Taemin talks about)

I Believe~
KAI? He’s a dark-colored friend. LOL. KAI… he’s a taciturn friend. He’s a loyal friend who knows how to cares other without saying much. We built our friendship by sleeping together in the practicing room since long time ago. He’s just.. an insect (Taemin and KAI both laughs) KAI is a “black beetle ^^”. I was just joking. I’m so happy that we are so similar and have a lot in common whether it’s due to our long time being together, and I like that point.

Q) ‘Pretty Boy’s behind story?!

Taemin: I was supposed to do all the singing part and rap in ‘Pretty Boy’, but I thought KAI would match more to the rap part than me. And I wanted to do it with KAI. So I highly recommended KAI and pestered KAI to do it with me. But KAI positively joined and I’m really thankful.

KAI: Since I thought of our stage from long time ago, I readily agreed when Taemin suggested singing with him. I thought that I could show both rap and smart performance since ‘Pretty Boy’ has beat in it. Taemin is a friend and a senior at the same time, so I tried to do my best not to harass him, and I could join with good mind as a friend too. (Laughter)

Q) What are your thoughts about best friend Tamin and KAI’s first collaboration?

Taemin: Having a stage with a friend was a longing dream, and I think it has a great meaning. If there is another chance, I want to try what belongs to only us and new things.

KAI: First of all, I’m so happy that I could participate in featuring Taemin’s solo album track, and a horror that I could stage with my senior Taemin. I really thank for this great opportunity. I’m hoping big success since my energy is not only melted in ‘Pretty Boy’ but also the whole ‘ACE’ album of Taemin. Go Go!!

After the dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ was over, Taemin and Kai conveyed each mind by writing on Taemin’s album. The messages of best friend duo will be released in the last part, so please read this until the last!
Tada~!! After the practice was done until late night! We met Taemin at the waiting room of music program that Taemin & KAI’s ‘Pretty Boy’ stage is performed~!! He is charismatic mysterious thief Taemin today too!

He was lonely Taemin since he acted solo after performing as SHINee, but he’s not lonely today since his best friend KAI is with him! Taemin and KAI spent the waiting time by playing with the camera.
Finally, Taemin and KAI went up on the stage of ‘Pretty Boy’ rehearsal!

With KAI! # Different choreography although it looks same!
After the sweating rehearsal stage was over, they started the real stage! Since they prepared thoroughly, they could finish the ‘Pretty Boy’ stage without recording.

P-R-E-double T-Y-Pretty Boy~!!

Taemin and KAI came down the stage after neat stage greeting. They were all wet in sweat but they started to do monitoring by caring each other. We think that they are friends that could rely on each other and more sincere friendship since they had times of trainee, practicing dances, being up on stage as professionals, and monitoring together.

One more photo taken after coming down the stage! Please love #Taemin’s solo album ‘ACE’.
KAI sent a cheering message to Taemin who changed into a mysterious thief again after finishing ‘Pretty Boy’ stage. After asking whether it was hard and replying it was exciting each other, KAI headed for the next schedule and Taemin headed for the ‘Danger’ stage. Taemin decorated the ‘Danger’ stage splendidly as ‘Pretty Boy’ stage since KAI cheered up Taemin a lot for Taemin’s solo transformation. We hope that Taemin’s cordiality of showing gratitude to KAI and fans that cheer up Taemin’s solo transformation would be conveyed well!

Bonus) Taemin & KAI’s message of encouraging each other

To. KAI~^^!
I’m EXO’s fan… Can I get your autograph?? I have joined EXO L yesterday~ bbooing bbooing~ >_< Thank you for willingly joining in the featuring and I will support you if you need my help next time~!

To. Senior Taemin
Senior Taemin…. This is KAI. Can I have your autograph since we have taken photos together…? I’m just joking. I’m really touched that I’m writing a letter on the album which has Taemin’s name. I’m always looking at your stage and supporting you so don’t be sick and I hope your success. You’re so smart, Taemin!! Go Go!
Please give much support to Taemin’s solo transformation which KAI supports! Thank you 🙂

Writing/Picture = SM Entertainment

I’m mildly amused at how Taemin is just translate as Taemin, but since Kai is english-y or something they translate it in all caps. It’s not Kai, it’s KAI~!
I took out two or three pics of Taemin only because this is an EXO site. I’m personally a fan, so let me know if you want me to put them back in .-.

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[ENG SUB] Baekhyun Interview in the musical ‘Singing in the Rain’ + cast

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translation credits: baekhundred



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Cast & Characters

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So, Baekhyun will be performing from July 8th-9th for three performances!



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140504 EXO-M KMF Overdose – Interview in LA

By Tae Hong

EXO’s “Overdose” hit the markets on May 7.

It’s already broken records with a combined 658,710 pre-orders and, in less than two days, has hit a still-growing six million combined music video views on YouTube.

But before all of that, it’s a hot afternoon in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, and EXO-M has just arrived at the hotel.

They pile out of the black Cadillac Escalade, but there are little fanatic screams to be heard — there was plenty of that just a couple of hours prior inside LAX — as the six members, ushered by managers and security guards, enter the building and head toward the elevators.

EXO-M, the China-focused subgroup of EXO, is in the City of Angels for the first time in months to perform at The Korea Times’ Music Festival.

The fast-moving parade of colorful heads and shirts and very many bags finally comes to a stop inside the thankfully empty hallways that sit many floors above the lobby, away from noise.

There’s Xiumin, slight and blond; Luhan, definitively pretty; Kris, tall and imposing in sunglasses; Lay, dimpled and pale-skinned; Chen, bespectacled and lanky; and Tao, who is hours from turning 21 years old.

The band’s manager turns to me. “You said tomorrow?”

I nod. “Just about ten minutes.”

“See you then,” he says.

It’s around 8:30 p.m. the next day when the boys come into a spare backstage dressing room at the Hollywood Bowl minutes after wrapping up rehearsal for the show.

Chen enters first, a backwards cap on his head. The rest follow.

Two of the band’s members are Korean, one is Chinese Canadian and the rest are Chinese, which means that, between the six of them, only two — Chen and Xiumin — speak fluent Korean.

The main topic of buzz for the group is “Overdose,” their newest mini-album and the second since their explosive 2012 debut.

EXO comes from the word “exoplanet,” which refers to a planet outside the Solar System. Divided into two subgroups — one focused on activities in Korea and one on China — the 12-member team has taken over the Asian music industry with the kind of gusto that propelled their first studio album, “XOXO,” to become the first Korean record to pass one million album sales in 12 years.

After pushing back the album’s release due to a ferry boat tragedy that put a pause on most entertainment activities in Korea, EXO-M has only had the chance to perform the song in China.

American fans are just one day away from seeing “Overdose” live for the first time.

Six members means six personalities. EXO-M may be constantly scrutinized and idolized by millions, but in this dimly lit room filled with plastic chairs, they’re clearly people.

“This is our fourth time coming to the U.S. But every time we come, I feel the passionate support our foreign fans give us. I’m thankful for that and — ” Xiumin pauses, his blond hair sticking up from still-wet rehearsal sweat.

Seconds pass as his head tilts, searching for words.

“I’m sorry. My Korean is a bit clumsy,” he apologizes with a sheepish laugh but ends with a completed thought. “We want to come back each time with an upgrade. Sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken. I’m not very good at interviews.”

I throw him an encouraging smile, surprised at what sounds like fluent Korean. “You must be one of the Chinese members.”

The members laugh.

He’s been living in Korea for 25 years,” Chen says, lips twitching.

The six members of EXO-M are on top of the K-pop world — that’s irrefutable — but sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re also early twentysomethings.

Here in L.A., away from China and Korea, they still stick out on the street, and a few fangirls still follow their every move, but they can walk around and shop, grab Starbucks, look up at the sky.

“There’s a lot of things I want to do, and I just really like it here. I’m a fan of the Lakers, and the street fashion is great. It’s a good place for people who like fashion and for shopping,” Kris says. “It’s a good atmosphere.”

Everyone in the room lets out an “ahh” of agreement when Xiumin says he wants to experience college life in the United States.

My Korean is clumsy, so I want to at least learn English correctly,” he jokes. “To learn English and to feel what college life is like — I really want to do it at least once.”

Next to him, Chen wants an opportunity to see the U.S. on vacation.

“We’ve been to a lot of countries because of our schedules, but we haven’t been able to comfortably have fun and enjoy rest in those places because of work,” Chen says. “We went to a beach in Malibu yesterday and it was beautiful. I want to go back there when I get vacation time in the future.

Lay, who has directed three 90-degree bows at me over the course of two days, is one of the main dancers of the team.

He wants to take dance lessons from dancers he admires, among them Nick Bass, Lyle Beniga and Tony Testa — whom the band, he says, had dinner with the night before.

As for Luhan and Tao, time in the U.S. is best used as time spent resting.

“I just want to come here and relax,” Luhan says. “Have a cup of coffee at Rodeo Drive, sitting with my sunglasses on at a cafe.”

The band, now in their second year of activities, are still newbies by most standards, but nothing could have prepared Asia for the storm they brought on with “Growl” last year.

Lay speaks up in hesitant but wholly sincere Korean.

“I have a dream that I wish will come true,” he announces. “As EXO-M, EXO-K and just EXO, I want us to win all the awards at the end of the year.”

EXO picked up dozens of awards last year from countless sources, including 28 No. 1 wins on several broadcasting stations’ music programs, a time-honored measure of K-pop success.

“That’s why,” they tell me, “it’s more burdensome this time around.”

“We had good results last year because so many people gave us love, but our goal is to not lose sight of our original mindset, steer clear of vanity and try our best until the end,” Chen says.

cr: The Korea Times website

src: exochocolate







Translated Interview:


Charm appeal: Looks sharp, but sloppy and dumb in reality. Seems cold, but fiery in the inside. A handsome person. Nationality is China.
In leisure: Visited family and friends in Canada. Next time I hope to go skydiving or play actively and roll about at sea for an entire day. As much as I enjoy traveling, I’d need to make plans every chance I find.
Advantage to a job as an idol: Too many to count, but one of its blessings is being able to visit one country after another.
Recent style transformation: Went through a transformation because Iw anted to be wreckless with the new comeback album. The advatange is styling time has been reduced. A downside is the limit to various styles. I want to cry because at the latter.
Current passion and interests: Hair styling, hats, electronic music.
Prize possession: Letters from fans, always.
Privilege of the dramaphile: I’ve been deeply absorbed in “Nice Guy”, as if I am main character Kang Maru. Resilient scenario. All of the actors were admirable.
3 Things you need when in love: Love, Love, Love.
If you were to propose?: “I like you, what can I do?”
A reaction you expect from her: 0_0, ^_^, ^0^, ❤
Self-made compliments: Mandarin, English, Korean available. These skills are crucial for me because I participate in promotions abroad.
Time to compliment other members: Suho is brilliant at whatever he does. Baekhyun’s great at uplifting the mood, Kai dances well, and Chen is great at singing. Tao is empathetic of his hyungs’ feelings, Xiumin is helpful, and I’m grateful to D.O because he looks after the members very well. I thank Lay who cooks well, I thank Lu Han for being good at soccer so I can take charge in basketball, and I’m thankful to Sehun for being attentitive to his maknae responsibilities. And Chanyeol, the Chicken Nuggets were tasty. Thanks.
Something you would improve: Nothing. I’m good-natured so I’ll watch on for a little longer. I love them all.
To the fans: Thank you for waiting and encouraging us through it all. We’ll return the favor with a good album.
Kris instructional manual: He functions if he eats and sleeps sufficiently. You may not have known this, but he’s slightly cute, too. And if you love him, he’s a good man who’ll love you twice as much back.


Charm appeal: A bundle-of-fun vocal who is well suited to eyeliner.
5/6 (day of interview) birthday thoughts: I’m very pleased that promotional interview and shooting coincides with my birthday. If I were to pick out a song on a day like this, I’d say Soul Star’s ‘Happy Birthday’. It’d be even better if the fans would sing it for me.
Comeback album hint: A group dance that took 8 hours to learn day by day, and practiced individually for four hours each day. As long as it took to complete it, I wish they’d acknowledge that it took just as long and just as much preparation to make it.
A compliment you’d like to hear: Just as I thought! They didn’t take so long for nothing!
When I search ‘Baekhyun’ on the internet: It was fascinating to see all the photos that were collected from debut up to now. Seeing them, I realized with tears that my ch e e k s are getting plumper.
Have you ever commented? No?: I’ve been hit with such temptation when people assume I’m shorter than Suho hyung and Chen.
Every time you look into the mirror: I check if my face is swollen. Especially when I look at Chanyeol I agonize over why my eyes are so small, but I think it’ll do.
If I were to introduce a female cousin to a member: I’d introduce her to the mature, smart, and exemplar leader Suho hyung. I’d feel bad for the other members I can’t introduce her to, so I’ll just keep my opinion to myself.
A type that makes you swoon: A straight-set, virtuous mind, well-mannered, and a woman who smells nice.
If I were to propose: After I purchase her favorite flowers in fake ones, I’ll kneel and say ‘These flowers are johwa (T/N: fake). I joh-ah (T/N: like) you so much. Will you go out with me?’
If you can live as a character in a movie for 7 days: I’d be a childish second generation millionaire. I meet a sober, diligent, and wise woman and turn over a new leaf and mend my ways. It’ll be a movie with a synopsis of a Baekhyun who succeeds at work and love and everything else.
Member’s secret: When Suho hyung gets a slight scratch, he’d whine and pine over it for a month.
A request for all the members: Can we live more neatly?
Baekhyun instructional manual: If you befriend him, he may chatter on and on without giving you a break. When that happens, don’t stress out and quietly put your hand on his mouth. During hard times he may be dazed and blank. This means he’s recharging, so please don’t touch. 10 minutes should be sufficient to recharge.


Charm appeal: The second maknae that likes playing around although different from his image. My nationality is Chinese.
While resting: I ate, exercised, and prepared for the album. I repeated, repeated, and repeated these three.
Thoughts on EXO 12 members all joined together: The scale of the performance arrangement has gotten a lot larger. The energy has gotten a lot intense. Because we gathered all together, the practice times are twice as much fun and enjoyable. Thanks to it, I feel like our timeworn has gotten stronger.
A report that (Tao) has a lot of tears: In the past I had a lot, but not anymore. The most recent time I cried was a couple days ago but it was because recently I visited China for a vacation, but on the airplane back, I cried at the thought that I won’t be able to see my family and friends for a while. To be honest, this is a secret.
If you were to use the time control power: When I see people who do bad things. I would catch them and send them to the police or I would reason with them so they cannot do bad things. Also, If I see a pretty girl I wish time would go slower. Because then I could keep looking at her.
A power that you would like: No matter how much I think about it, I think time control is the best.
Yaja* game time: I will have to tell Suho hyung “Suho-yah, will you give me some food?’ Cooly using informal speech is the point. To be honest, hyung treats me really well. Because I just like him, I want to talk to him again.
An ideal type that shakes your heart: I would like it if she was pretty and kind. I become interested in a girl that shows no interest in me. I wonder why the reason is.
3 reasons why Tao would be a good boyfriend: I have nice manners, I’m sexy, I can do martial arts well. Also on top of that I am rich in heart and bank account. I can show the special charms that a blood type AB’s bad boy possesses. Like a roller coaster, dynamically, every day so one won’t be bored.
Selca technique that Tao can pass down: An abundant production. One must find their own selca’s angle.
Sexiness to Tao: I was naturally born with it?
Dark circles to the sexy Tao: Without dark circles, I am not Tao.
To the Tao in one year: All your dreams are going to come true. Fighting.
Tao manual: I can’t go up to you first. That is why, passionately come up to me please. I don’t know if it might take time in order for you to become my person. However, please try it. Please.
t/n: Yaja is basically when the eldest and youngest switch roles.


Charm appeal: A singing and dancing two job holding person with the name ‘dawn’s dear’ in Chinese. My nationality is Chinese.
Thoughts on EXO 12 members all joined together: Every day by day, our hiatus time was fun like a classroom. However the distraction of the practice room is times 12. But once we actually start practicing, everyone’s gazes change and the hotness is also times 12.
A needful of bragging for the comeback album: The performance is extraordinary. But because it’s a performance pressed with a secret Shhh!
While resting: a while ago I went to my home in China. After a long time, I finally did the deeds of an only son, profitably.
A lacking point whenever I look at the mirror: I am satisfied with myself that my parents gave birth to.
Times when I myself think I am manly: always. However, when I play soccer, the manliness quotient goes up.
The nickname crazy frog: That is Tao, his thoughts.
Right this moment if you were to send a telepathic message to member (Sehun): After this interview, do you want to go drink bubble tea?
Luhan’s Korean class, a word that you are hooked on these days: ‘Aigoo.’ when I get surprised, when I become regretful, when I’m worried. It was a multiplayer that was suitable when used anywhere. Another word I use often is ‘hul.’
An item I treasure: the computer that lets me use the internet and has the roleplaying games that I fell into recently, my bed that is my own area, the closet that is packed with treasurable things. Especially my bed, I wish other people would avoid going on to it.
When I use the Internet: I look up my own photos. I feel good when I see the pictures that the fans took so well. I’m thankful to everyone.
If I were to propose: An empty street during night time, flowers together with a kiss.
If I were to receive a propose: I would like it if the girl gave me food that she made herself. If I were to think about the menu, because I am the meat eating group, if it is meat, I like it all.
3 reasons why Luhan would be a good boyfriend: I have a good personality. Whenever, wherever, I am able to be a reassuring protection. I am good looking. Of course the last point is a joke.
To the fans: Thank you for waiting throughout a long period of time. With all my heart, I love you.
Luhan manual: When my body and mind is out of control, please give me a little bit of interest. It takes only the words ‘You’re tired right? Gain strength.’ Then I am a person that really gains strength. Basically, although I am very bashful and shy, I wish people to know that I am warmer once (we) get closer.


Charm appeal: I am a humorous man in charge of the dancing and the sexiness in EXO.
Describe EXO with 10 characters: The twelve strongest flower boys from space. (T/N: He said it with 10 Korean characters)
When resting: Suho hyung worries about something all day long. Chanyeol hyung is laughing, Baekhyun hyung, Chen hyung and Sehunnie are talking continuously. Behind them, Kris hyung is joking seriously and Luhannie hyung goes back to the living room. Next to them Xiumin hyung is tidying the room and Lay hyung is spending time blankly. Next to him, Tao is looking in the mirror.
3 nicknames you like: Kim Kai, Kkamjong, Jongdalsae (T/N: Skylark in Korean)
Your current background picture: On my phone it’s a picture of Luhannie hyung and I watching the football match ‘Manchester United FC vs Chelsea FC’. A proofshot of my happiness when Chelsea won with my thumb up. My SNS main background picture is the same. My SNS status is ‘Chelsea won ㅋㅋ’
The gene you want to thank: I like everything about the person called Kim Jongin. It’s hard to find something I don’t like. Hoot.
Even I think I am sexy when: I see myself in the mirror when I go to change clothes after they got drenched in sweat while practicing in the practice room. Hoot.
An ideal type that shakes my heart: A woman pale like snow, I want her to have pride and passion in what she’s doing even if she’s not the best in her field.
If I proposed: Proposing with flowers at a meaningful time she wouldn’t expect. Very unexpectedly! Pak!
The reaction you expect from her: I want to see her totally surprised as she didn’t notice anything before.
A proposal you want to receive: If she’s totally honest and sincere, I’m ok with even just a word.
A member’s secret: Kim Jongin really has a pale skin. And even on EXO Planet, people don’t kow that EXO are from their planet.
Kai’s user manual: Don’t be embarrassed at my excited self when watching . Don’t touch me when I’m sleeping please. Except when the chicken order is here. When I’m focused on something, even if you make a loud noise, I won’t hear you. If you stay with me for a long time, you will learn that I’m a man with a pattern easy to know. It’s simple.


Charm appeal: warm man, healing boy. My nationality is Chinese.
A compliment you want to hear: I did bright yellow hair for the first time. I’m anticipating half, worrying half on whether or not I will be able to hear it matches me well.
While resting: I spent time personally composing/songwriting, and taking lessons in the areas that I’m lacking. Of course those songs are not in this album. In order to show a perfect side, I want to let everyone listen after pulling it all together tighter.
Lay’s own song production: Ever since I was thirteen, I made them as a joke. Especially, Baekhyun and Luhan hyung are my encouragement team that like my ballads, Kris is the assistant that helps with rapping in between. To everyone, thank you.
A composition to Lay: I consider the most important thing to be a person to person’s heart in the relationship. Because I am one that is rich in emotions, I gain inspiration through passable easy details in small experiences, the emotions going on between my loving family and friends, and while playing the piano.
A respected musician: Beethoven who had strong determination, Mozart who is a naturally born music genius.
Something I’m better than them at: I’m dance a little well.
SM seniors: They always tell us good things. Whether it is actual choreography or camera walking, very detailedly. They’re all angels.
A hidden talent that no one knows: gag instinct. It’s a shame that people don’t know it well.
Dancing machine’s waist situation: Thanks to the interest I’ve received, it has gotten a lot better. I’m only thankful.
A treasured item: It’s not an item but a person. Because, since there are fans there is the current me. Of course I have to treasure them a lot.
If I were to propose: ‘I will make you the happiest girl in the world. Trust me.’
3 Reasons why Lay would be a good boyfriend: I can love only one with all my heart, I can do anything for this woman, I can hug her warmly.
3 Things you desire from this woman: Even if I call you ‘pig’ don’t get hurt, but instead be cute. Love and understand only me, sometimes do aegyo to me.
Lay’s aegyo: zero. Instead I am manly.
To the fans of Asia: Thank you for always watching over us, wherever you are. For your health and mind to always be healthy.
Lay manual: I don’t eat food if there is no coke or sprite. But even still, please tell me that you love me. And if you tightly hug me warmly, I like it even more.


Charm appeal: is my clean voice.
While resting: written the same on all the members faces was ‘concentration’. We were always like that. While concentrating, we definitely concentrate, and while playing, we definitely play (here I would want to show member’s expressions through drawings but since I don’t have paper, I don’t have a way to express it so it’s disappointing).
If I were to compliment the all of the members, without leaving one out, I’m just so thankful that all of the members are nice people. Especially thank you to Suho hyung who cooly leads us like a leader would. And also thanks for having a lacking sense of humor like me. Because it would be lonely if it was just me alone. Opposite, something I would ask of all of the members, as we live as EXO, if something happens that makes you upset or disappointed, not to hold it in but to vent through a conversation at that moment would be good. So that you don’t have any wounds left given from anyone in the future.
Ideal type that shakes my heart: is someone whose face is pretty when they smile, an innocent person, and a girl with white skin.
If I were to propose, the place or moment wouldn’t be important. Just my heart. ‘Can I be your boyfriend?’
3 Songs I recommend that match as background music for a proposal are 1) Jeff Benet’s ‘Ms. Seductive’, 2) Justin Beiber’s ‘Catching Feelings’, 3) Bruno Mars’ ‘When I was Your Man’. All three of the melodies are sweet and the lyrics are pretty.
The thing that I want right now: is first place.
In 10 years, the image that I have a goal for is a secret. Won’t the members all be living cooly in ‘ing’? And after 11 years, I believe that we can have a concert while celebrating our anniversary.
A member’s secret: is something that should be kept a secret.
D.O is a man who: is quietly (clean), when you look at him (he’s shy to strangers), as you become closer to him (he becomes comfortable), as he becomes excited (is someone who saves his words).
D.O’s user manual: Rather than spending his time boisterously, he prefers to spend it quietly. He regards being honest as something important. When tired the words ‘have strength’ seem to be the ones that hit home the hardest. Ah! Kind of hides his face. If you approach him first he’ll welcome you even more.


Charm appeal: I am a serious and calm leader who brings the members together with charisma. I am Suho.
Your thoughts about the comeback: I want to show to even more people a new music and a new performance. We will work as hard as people waited for us.
If you had another superpower: The ability to be invisible. Because I can go anywherer this way. (Next to him Chen said ‘But you can’t tell honestly where this anywhere is’.)
Airport pictures are: A runway in its way. at the airport, I’m walking with strength in my eyes. If they take pictures of me with my eyes closed, even I find it funny.
The thing you fear on airport pictures: A pimple suddenly appearing in front of the high definition cameras. I’d be busy hiding it with my hand all the time.
EXO’s way to accord their opinions: A meeting we had every weekend for an hour even before debuting. We solve the big and small problems by talking, may it be the things that disappointed us during the week, the things we regret. When we don’t have anything to talk about, we compliment eah other. It’s a loving time where we say thank you about the things we’re thankful of.
EXO’s get-together: Not too long ago, to give us strength for the comeback, we gathered to eat beef intestines. Since they’re still growing children, they ate on average for 2 or 3 persons each. Maknae Sehunnie kept going here and there busily to cook the meat, and even when Tao was putting on his coat to go home, he was cooking meat and eating. These cool kids.
If 1 million won fell from the sky: I would invite the members to eat somewhere of course. Kids, just tell me. Hanwoo (T/N: Prime Korean beef)? Sushi?
The ideal type that makes my heart shake: On the outside, girl with long hair and literary interests and on the inside, a wild and cheerful girl. Because I am a man, a girl with this kind of reversal.
If I proposed: I would announce it loudly in the middle of a crowded place like Myungdong. I’d say ‘I love you, accept my feelings’.
For a successful proposal: I think that if you sincerely love that person, it will always be successful, also if you put efforts in it.
If I didn’t become an idol: I honestly didn’t think much about getting another job. No matter what I do and where I do it, If I set a precise goal and work hard toward it, it’s going to get better.
As a leader, to the company: I will work hard. And to the members, let’s love.
Suho’s user manual: You’re doing well, you’re doing well, woojjujju (T/N: Sound you make to babies), praise me a lot please. Because compliments make Suho dance cheerfully.


Charm appeals: EXO’s person in charge of infinite positivity and voice with mood.
While resting: I did dance and rap making with Kai, Baekhyun, and guitar practice with D.O. The newly started studying of composition and songwriting is fun as well. I’m enjoying it because I feel like what I can show is gradually increasing.
Thoughts on comeback: I longed for the fans and the stage the most. As much as I longed for it, I became firm so rather then saying I will work hard I want to show a completed stage.
Comeback album hint: forest, tree, cave.
A happening that made your heart hot recently: A while ago we went to an orphanage to do some volunteer work. Every time we go back, I feel like my heart’s warmness is getting charged, I was happy. Thanks to them, I also gained a precious chance to look back upon myself.
A treasured item: Because I am a cautious buyer, I can brag that I never regret after shopping. An even bigger pride is the desk that I cautiously bought recently. A not brag that because of that, the room got smaller.
Parents’ genes: I inherited my positive energy from my mother, and sensitivity from my father. I feel it stronger, now after I turned twenty years old. I love you. ♡
Definition of ‘manly’: A man that carries unexpectedly strength in the midst of softness. Can I say with my own lips ‘For me, when I’m a jokester and when I am focusing on something, like playing different instruments or rapping, I will be quite…manly.’
An unexpectedly good thing because of living as EXO: A miracle that a sloth like me can wake up in the dorm without an alarm. Thanks to that, my mother is happy.
An ideal type that shakes your heart: A person that matches the same laughing code and music preference. My heart beats when I hear ‘I like this music too.’
If I were to propose: I would like to play a song that I like while giving her a flower in a live house that only has us two. Our love that becomes one through music.
Chanyeol is: quite (delicate), if you get to know (adult-like), the closer you become (a person whose playfulness becomes more severe), when excited (voice gets louder), to the person he likes (endlessly friendly) man.
Chanyeol manual: When you are bored, if you speak to (me) a fun happening will occur. I like chatting. Just talk. Wherever the place is, like a jukebox I will play music for you. For future reference, I don’t bite.


Charm appeal: cutie eldest hyung.
While resting: I played together with Luhan at the cafe and enjoyed (my) individual time while shopping.
Xiumin’s shopping technique: Of course impulse shopping is the truth.
Cheeks that disappeared diet TIP: Become chic in front of food. Don’t ever look at it first. Although, the me that has a hard time with that, will soon go back to the full cheek baozi.
Pros and cons of being a baby face: The danger of hearing informal speech from someone younger than me at our first meeting. I don’t really know about pros. I’m not sure if the physical age of 24 years is passing correctly as yesterday and today are different. cough cough.
Danger of being the eldest hyung: The I.D. ranking hyungnim is a pretty important area amongst men. If there is a SOS, there are many times that I have to take charge. Of course it’s very, extremely, often trivial matters.
Xiumin’s conversational habits: I answer well to questions asked and I carry an ear that listens well. I take the role of EXO’s troubles counselor with a serious personality and rich reactions. Recent trouble content is no comment.
Xiumin’s Chinese class, a recently learned word Dui bu qi, wo bu hui (I’m sorry, I can’t do it). Because heavy lips* is also a counselor’s role.
Recent interests: We received a bunch of comic books for our first anniversary present and even now I am reading them well.
3 of Xiumin’s charming points: A man that is solitary, a man that is chic, but to my person, a soft man. In conclusion, a charming person.
3 reasons why Xiumin would be a good boyfriend: I’m strong, I have an innate sense, I’m considerate. To prove my strength, I will hold the example of overpowering all the members in arm wrestling.
If I were to propose: In a concert hall that is filled with many people, I would cry out to her ‘We are one, we can’t fall apart, I love you.’
Bragging about the award won in China: Recently in China, at ‘13th Annual Music Billboard Award Ceremony,’ we won most popular group. Just as it states, best! Oh, yeah! Thankful to the fans that gave us this big award. Along with that, deep thanks towards the parents of EXO who gave birth to these cool sons. xie xie.
An award you want to win a year later: ‘image transformation success award,’ now becoming a matured and sexy man.
Xiumin manual: is easy. As long as the surroundings are kept clean, always happy smile. I’m kind of tidy.
t/n heavy lips means that you keep your mouth shut.


Charm appeal: Main vocal, a skinny pig.
‘Skinny pig’ definition: I’m worried that I don’t gain as much weight as I eat. On the other hand of not gaining weight after eating and eating, I shed weight at the same time. So I’ve put a lot of care into managing my weight so my face would look nice.
In leisure: In fear I may grow lax, I’ve set my mind straight. I try to work twice as much as the fans had to wait for our comeback.
A type that makes you swoon: Charming eyes, diligent personality, A big heart that will pet me and tolerate my grouchiness.
When I propose: I’ll pretend to pick up some berverages during a night parade at an amusement park and surprise her in an entourage. And then I’ll step forward and say “Will you marry me?”
A reaction you expect from her: I wish she’d run into my arms.
If SHE proposes?: Doesn’t matter. It’d be enough to hear that she loves me.
If you were to acquire a million dollar insurance?: My vocal chord. I want to sing my whole life.
EXO’s office dinner: Cluttered and noisy, a chaos. Even when all 12 members say one thing each, it’d be a mouthful.
Member’s alcohol tolerance ranking: The strongest is Xiumin hyung. Then Chanyeol-Chen-Kris hyung-Lu Han hyung, in that order. Besides that, the rest are on similar levels, but Lay, whose face fires up after one shot, is surely the last.
3 Wishes to God: I’m curious about the afterlife. I’ll just look around. If there are extraterrestrials, please bring them to me. I want an elixir that can cure any disease.
Chen’s 3 charming points: Thick earlobes that lure sin good fortune, a mole under my neck, a masculine character, and as a bonus, a mounted loyalty.
Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen’s ‘Beagle’ theory is?: A rumor, a misconception. Compared to Baekhyun and Chanyeol I’m a strictly plain kid.
A skill you want to steal from another member: Lay hyung and Kai’s dance instinct.
Today’s highlight choreo is?: No comment today. I’ll show you soon on stage.
Chen’s instructional manual: He’s brimming with vivacity as long as he’s fed at every meal and is allowed to snack frequently in between. Don’t worry about leaving him alone by himself. He’ll do fine. He likes to watch movies. If you want to hang out with him, take him to the cinema, please.


Charm appeal: the required default option of the maknae is aegyo.
Amongst 12 men, maknae’s road is thanks to the hyungs I recieve a lot of cuteness. Even if I’m reborn again, I call being EXO’s maknae. Yaja time game a while ago at a birthday party, in the given 10 minutes of yaja time, without looking back, I roughly stepped forward. If I go on, because I feel like I will no longer be a person of this world, I need to return as the precious maknae.
If I have a super power: I would want to be able to control emotions and feelings. Showing people you love your tired side is kind of sad.
Ideal type that shakes my heart: is someone who sincerely worries about me when she hurts me and approaches me first to spread medicine on me. (And Miranda Kerr ♥).
If I were to propose: on a quiet night with the sun setting playing with firecrackers on the beach. After that, I’d grab her hand and if I say “I don’t think I can be without you. I’ll love you until I die” it makes your hands curl up doesn’t it? When I get older will I be able to say it in a more okay way?
A member’s secret: is that Suho hyung can’t watch scary things. If he can watch a horror movie he makes a lot of nosie, but the uncomfortable truth is that he’s on the internet and he can’t actually watch.
If I go to a convenient store, snacks and chocolate, Jelly corner are first.
If I were to steal an ability from a member: I would take Baekhyun’s sense of humor, Kai’s exposing of white skin, Chanyeol Hyung’s happy personality, D.O hyung’s pretty smile, Suho hyung’s honesty. The representative of a stiff body, Suho hyung. (…hyung I’m kidding) I’m a selfish person who wants to steal everything, but I have to withstand with my lacking charm.
A recent concern I have is before sleeping and after waking up worrying. Today what clothes and how should I wear it so it’ll look nice. I am sexy after a shower standing in front of a mirror with no make up on and making a pose. It’s not really sexy, but it’s really kind of cool. I’m just looking at myself alone.
Three of my charming points: are that I smile well, my warm heart, and my collarbones.
Sehun’s user manual: If I’m excited, it’s hard to control myself. I would be thankful if you could understand even if I’m loud. I will become calm soon. Because my blood type is O, if I receive many people’s criticism at once, I get really hurt. Please look after me well in the future.

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