Kris will join Hangeng and Joo Won in a movie, ‘Xiao You Qiao Mu!’

Kris will be starring alongside former Super Junior member Hangeng and Joo Won in the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie ‘Xiao You Qiao Mu‘.

According to the movie’s reps on August 12, Kris will play one of the three male leads in the movie, and “Hangeng has already started filming, while Kris will be joining the others a few days later. As previously mentioned, the movie directed by Jo Jin Gyu is a melodrama based on an internet novel that tells a love story involving three men and one woman.  


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EXO talks about Kris’ lawsuit on the press conference!

With a successful first concert under their belt, EXO had a press conference to meet with media and discuss their concert as well as the issue on everyones mind, EXO-M’s Kris filing lawsuit.

When asked about the situation, the Lay responded, “We had an interview in China about the situation and we were very upset. There was a lot of disappointment and we were hurt. Due to rumors, EXO fans became divided and I’m upset there was this misunderstanding. I want EXO to be one”. Chen continued on to say, “Just like how rain hardens the soil, our member’s teamwork has also become stronger.”

Suho said, “We were really confused at first, but we were more worried for the fans rather than our concert. We hoped to give a perfect performance for the fans, we mentioned and discussed this a lot. After [the incident], we practiced really hard, hoping to give a great performance.”

Luhan said, “First of all, the most touching aspect was that even though there was only a week till the concert, the staff worked very hard to make a perfect performance [for the concert].”

Chanyeol continued on to say, ”At fist, it was very chaotic and confusing. I was most worried about the performance for the fans. We discussed and talked amongst ourselves a lot and we practiced even more. Because we practiced so much, our connection grew stronger and we had more rehearsals. I think that is how we created this perfect performance. I can confidently say that you will be able to feel the quality of our performance at today’s concert.”

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Starting with their concert in Seoul, EXO plans on going to Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Bangkok, MANILA, Jakarta, and many other Asian cities for their “EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET” concert, receiving much love and attention from global foreign fans.
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Guys! you ready? Me? I’m excited as hell for them going to manila!

140522 SM confirms OT11 performing at the first solo concert


On May 22nd, SM released an official announcement stating that only eleven members will take the stage for EXO’s first concert (May 23-25). “EXO will perform with just eleven members. Due to the legal state in which Kris stands, communication with the aforementioned has been ceased. As to whether or not Kris wanted to participate, it can be safely assumed that his answer would have been no.”

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SM Entertainment has revealed on the 22nd that “[on the 25th] A press conference will be held before the beginning of the concert.”



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Even they will perform without Kris. It’s still strong and one as OT12. “We are one, we are EXO!”

EXO, fighting! 😀 ❤

Kris is removed from EXO – LOST PLANET Concert Poster

OT11 Concert poster.

Tony testa tweet (has been deleted now).
Let’s wish the 11 members of EXO goodluck on their first concert on the 23rd! D-2

Some more Kris related news.

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Even it is like this, let’s all wish the best for EXO! OT11, fighting~! ❤

Stay strong guys.

Love you all~ OT12


140516 KRIStagram Update


Blocking a car with the arm of a grasshopper, i’m fine.
I’m praying for everyone, praying that you all will become better and better.
Thank you to everyone that is supporting me, thank you to all the voices.
Wu Yi Fan is always here!
(T/N: “Blocking a car with the arm of a grasshopper” is a 4-word idiom describing a small creature, praying mantis, using his little strength to stop a, many times bigger and stronger than him, moving car.)

#WEBelieveinYouKris 😀

140516 Kris weibo update

140516 Kris weibo update

I’m alright, I wish you all the best, and that things will be even better for you guys. Thanks to all of those who support me, thanks for all your voices of support. Wu Yi Fan will always be here!

(I am) One person against a multitude, (but) I’m alright, I wish you all the best, and that things will get even better for you guys. Thanks to all of those who supported me, thanks for all your voices of support. Wu Yi Fan will always be here!

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well guys…accept. And Galaxy Kris will still be part of EXO because they are one. Even if he’ll be…you know…

Wu YiFan will still be in our hearts.

“We are one, we are EXO!”




About Kris filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment.



SM has confirmed the validity of the lawsuit filed against them and express their understanding of the situation, but continue to urge Kris to cooperate and return for EXO’s upcoming tour of Asia.

Belatedly, Kris were reported to submitted a lawsuit against SM. He asked to nullified his contract on SM, and rumoured to be the same case with what happened to Hangeng and JYJ.

But, both SM and Kris still not speaking to public about the case, beside admitting of the lawsuit were put on Seoul District Court. K-Media speculated this week is going to be a crucial moment for both sides, which decided the future of EXO.

SM Entertainment Will Proceed With EXO’s Concert + Failed to Contact Kris

Despite the lawsuit case, SM Entertainment will still proceed with EXO’s concert as scheduled.
On May 16th, a representative from SM Entertainment told Star News, “The concert will be held next week as scheduled and we are doing the best for the concert.”
He also added that they couldn’t contact Kris at the moment and the current situation is still unknown (whether Kris will be attending the concert or not).
EXO will hold their very first solo concert, ‘EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET -‘, since their debut at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on May 24th-25th.

EXO’s First Live Broadcast of “Hottest Moment XOXO” Canceled

EXO’s live broadcast of their reality show “Hottest Moment XOXO,” in light of the current situation concerning EXO-M member Kris, has been canceled. It will be replaced with a broadcast of EXO’s first Japan fan event, “EXO Greeting Party in Japan, Hello.”

Kris, currently in China, recently filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

The reality show is not completely canceled, however, and will be back with the second episode. The second episode of “Hottest Moment XOXO” will take viewers behind the scenes of the fan event, as well as show EXO backstage. Sehun’s birthday party festivities will also featured on the show.

It remains to be seen whether portions of the show with Kris will be shown on the reality show.

Kris’ Legal Representation States SM Denied Kris’ Movie and Drama Proposals

EXO-M leader Kris recently filed a lawsuit for termination of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, and has yet been unreachable but for his legal representation.

In the midst of Kris’ disappearance, Hankyul, the law firm in charge of Kris’ case, revealed the EXO member’s stance through an interview with Chinese media outlet Sina on May 16.

Hankyul said, “Kris spoke with his agency [SM Entertainment] several times, asking for equal treatment and for the agency to give consideration to his own ambitions as an artist. He had received movie and drama proposals, but these were refused by SM on several occasions,” revealing Kris’ ambitions for acting.

When asked about Kris’ whereabouts when he had previously disappeared from the team for over a month and his solo activities and auditions, the firm stated, “Kris did not leave the team in secret and participate in any auditions or other solo activities,” and added, “Kris’ agency was aware of all of Kris’ official and unofficial activities.”

In the meantime, SM just released a statement saying that the upcoming EXO solo concert will be held as planned, and that Kris’ attendance is unsure at the moment.

Also: FROM TWITTER @KoreanUpdates

MNet PD decided to cancelled Mnet ‘XOXO’ Episode 2 today. EXO’s Hello Japan Fan Meeting will be aired instead.

Sources: Koreanupdates and gokpop ,soompi, soompi2

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Sina Weibo Reports Kris Leaving EXO: SM Confirms Lawsuit – Situation is Under Investigation

 I will keep this short. Nothing is confirmed but Sina Weibo is reporting that Kris is allegedly terminating his contract with SM a la Hangeng.

There has been no confirmation from either SM Entertainment or Kris himself. According to Sina, however, he has filed paperwork for termination of his contract with the courts. Everything is speculation at this point until we can get something more concrete. There are stories that he is currently back in Canada, but that could mean a lot of things.

[EDIT] Things are moving quick. According to this DAUM article SM is refuting the report from Sina of Kris’ contract termination and saying they’ve never heard of it.

[EDIT2] It looks like Sina Weibo has given the entire EXO fandom a pointless heart-attack for no reason. Allegedly, there was a mix up with this article about a Chris suing MNet. If so, this will be the biggest gaff in history. OP is happy this was all resolved in record time.

[EDIT3] So apparently not yet over because Sina Weibo has now posted a scan they have of the lawsuit which allegedly cites Kris’ name. /SIGH

[EDIT4] Current developments: Sina Weibo is still insisting this to be true with alleged images of the lawsuit; SM has denied this lawsuit through DAUM; there are reports the Seoul Courts have said this is false through WStar News.

[EDIT5] There are alleged reports that the Seoul Courts are now saying there is a lawsuit in their system under Kris’ Chinese name. There have been no official responses coming from SM Entertainment.

[EDIT6] There are reports that the Seoul District Court have allegedly confirmed that they have recieved a lawsuit from Kris to terminate his contract. There are currently no responses to media outlets from SM Entertainment.

[EDIT7] SM Entertainment has now confirmed that there is a lawsuit and it has been filed and they will try their best to “resolve it”.

[EDIT8] [TRANS] SM’s Statement to TVDaily: Regarding the lawsuit of Kris’ termination of his exclusive contract, we are still finding out the truth of it and it’s a rather bewildering situation for us. We will do our best for EXO’s promotions to be carried out smoothly.
크리스의 전속계약 해지 소송 건에 대해 사실 확인 중에 있으며, 매우 당황스러운 상황입니다. 엑소의 활동이 잘 이루어질 수 있도록 최선의 노력을 다하겠습니다”라고 입장을 밝혔다.

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#EXOWeAreOne #StayStrongKris We ❤ You.

[SHOCKING NEWS] EXO-M Kris files a lawsuit against SM for contract terminination

UPDATE 3: Kris no longer active in EXO activities in the future
With his lawsuit against SM Entertainment being processed, Kris’ side reveals that Kris will not be joining his fellow EXO members in their promotions and activities in the future.
Recently, EXO-M appeared on Chinese CCTV Global music program to promote ‘Overdose’ and even won their 1st trophy, but it seems like that would be his last stage. Furthermore, fans could expect that 11 members of EXO are going to perform on their first solo concert on May 23 to 25, excluding Kris.


UPDATE 2: SME confirms Kris’ lawsuit, “We will do our best to resolve this.”

In light of Kris’s lawsuit filing against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract, the agency now responds and tells TVDaily, “It is true that Kris has filed a termination of exclusive contract and we’re looking onto it. We apologize for this embarrassing situation. We will do our best for EXO’s activities to do well and resolve this problem.” 


UPDATE 1: According to Seoul Central District, “We already received that lawsuit file of Kris against SM Entertainment.”

Seoul Central District receives Kris’s lawsuit file against SME,

In the updated news, the Seoul Central District Court already received and accepted the lawsuit filed by EXO-M Kris against his agency SM Entertainment to terminate his contract.

According to Chinese reports, they revealed that Kris has already planned to file a lawsuit one month ago. The official expressed that two years of success is quite short and it’s saddening to see one member leaving just the time they’ve had their 1st our.

Moreover, Seoul Central District told 10Asia that Kris filed the lawsuit under his Chinese name Wu Yi Fan. They stated that the it is yet to be processed and SME hasn’t responding yet.

In the midst of their ‘Overdosepromotions, a shocking report has spread among EXO fans today stating that EXO-M member Kris is reported by Chinese media to be filing a lawsuit against his agency, SM Entertainment, for contract termination.

EXO fans on Sina Weibo (Chinese SNS) are talking about it and it spread like fire among Korean fans and globally. According to the newspaper and media reports, an official from Kris’s side said, “I will go with Kris today to file a lawsuit in Seoul Central District Court.”

There aren’t further details about the news or what the reason is he seeking to terminate his contract but it is rumored that he’s having the same case as of that former Super Junior member Hangeng’. Korean media outlets reported that Seoul Central District Court stated that there’s no such filing yet.

Furthermore, SM representatives stated, “We aren’t aware of it. We are going to check the news.”

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#EXOWeAreOne #WeBelieveInYouKris

❤ ❤ ❤


140504 EXO-M KMF Overdose – Interview in LA

By Tae Hong

EXO’s “Overdose” hit the markets on May 7.

It’s already broken records with a combined 658,710 pre-orders and, in less than two days, has hit a still-growing six million combined music video views on YouTube.

But before all of that, it’s a hot afternoon in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, and EXO-M has just arrived at the hotel.

They pile out of the black Cadillac Escalade, but there are little fanatic screams to be heard — there was plenty of that just a couple of hours prior inside LAX — as the six members, ushered by managers and security guards, enter the building and head toward the elevators.

EXO-M, the China-focused subgroup of EXO, is in the City of Angels for the first time in months to perform at The Korea Times’ Music Festival.

The fast-moving parade of colorful heads and shirts and very many bags finally comes to a stop inside the thankfully empty hallways that sit many floors above the lobby, away from noise.

There’s Xiumin, slight and blond; Luhan, definitively pretty; Kris, tall and imposing in sunglasses; Lay, dimpled and pale-skinned; Chen, bespectacled and lanky; and Tao, who is hours from turning 21 years old.

The band’s manager turns to me. “You said tomorrow?”

I nod. “Just about ten minutes.”

“See you then,” he says.

It’s around 8:30 p.m. the next day when the boys come into a spare backstage dressing room at the Hollywood Bowl minutes after wrapping up rehearsal for the show.

Chen enters first, a backwards cap on his head. The rest follow.

Two of the band’s members are Korean, one is Chinese Canadian and the rest are Chinese, which means that, between the six of them, only two — Chen and Xiumin — speak fluent Korean.

The main topic of buzz for the group is “Overdose,” their newest mini-album and the second since their explosive 2012 debut.

EXO comes from the word “exoplanet,” which refers to a planet outside the Solar System. Divided into two subgroups — one focused on activities in Korea and one on China — the 12-member team has taken over the Asian music industry with the kind of gusto that propelled their first studio album, “XOXO,” to become the first Korean record to pass one million album sales in 12 years.

After pushing back the album’s release due to a ferry boat tragedy that put a pause on most entertainment activities in Korea, EXO-M has only had the chance to perform the song in China.

American fans are just one day away from seeing “Overdose” live for the first time.

Six members means six personalities. EXO-M may be constantly scrutinized and idolized by millions, but in this dimly lit room filled with plastic chairs, they’re clearly people.

“This is our fourth time coming to the U.S. But every time we come, I feel the passionate support our foreign fans give us. I’m thankful for that and — ” Xiumin pauses, his blond hair sticking up from still-wet rehearsal sweat.

Seconds pass as his head tilts, searching for words.

“I’m sorry. My Korean is a bit clumsy,” he apologizes with a sheepish laugh but ends with a completed thought. “We want to come back each time with an upgrade. Sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken. I’m not very good at interviews.”

I throw him an encouraging smile, surprised at what sounds like fluent Korean. “You must be one of the Chinese members.”

The members laugh.

He’s been living in Korea for 25 years,” Chen says, lips twitching.

The six members of EXO-M are on top of the K-pop world — that’s irrefutable — but sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re also early twentysomethings.

Here in L.A., away from China and Korea, they still stick out on the street, and a few fangirls still follow their every move, but they can walk around and shop, grab Starbucks, look up at the sky.

“There’s a lot of things I want to do, and I just really like it here. I’m a fan of the Lakers, and the street fashion is great. It’s a good place for people who like fashion and for shopping,” Kris says. “It’s a good atmosphere.”

Everyone in the room lets out an “ahh” of agreement when Xiumin says he wants to experience college life in the United States.

My Korean is clumsy, so I want to at least learn English correctly,” he jokes. “To learn English and to feel what college life is like — I really want to do it at least once.”

Next to him, Chen wants an opportunity to see the U.S. on vacation.

“We’ve been to a lot of countries because of our schedules, but we haven’t been able to comfortably have fun and enjoy rest in those places because of work,” Chen says. “We went to a beach in Malibu yesterday and it was beautiful. I want to go back there when I get vacation time in the future.

Lay, who has directed three 90-degree bows at me over the course of two days, is one of the main dancers of the team.

He wants to take dance lessons from dancers he admires, among them Nick Bass, Lyle Beniga and Tony Testa — whom the band, he says, had dinner with the night before.

As for Luhan and Tao, time in the U.S. is best used as time spent resting.

“I just want to come here and relax,” Luhan says. “Have a cup of coffee at Rodeo Drive, sitting with my sunglasses on at a cafe.”

The band, now in their second year of activities, are still newbies by most standards, but nothing could have prepared Asia for the storm they brought on with “Growl” last year.

Lay speaks up in hesitant but wholly sincere Korean.

“I have a dream that I wish will come true,” he announces. “As EXO-M, EXO-K and just EXO, I want us to win all the awards at the end of the year.”

EXO picked up dozens of awards last year from countless sources, including 28 No. 1 wins on several broadcasting stations’ music programs, a time-honored measure of K-pop success.

“That’s why,” they tell me, “it’s more burdensome this time around.”

“We had good results last year because so many people gave us love, but our goal is to not lose sight of our original mindset, steer clear of vanity and try our best until the end,” Chen says.

cr: The Korea Times website

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