140824 Suho And Baekhyun with ZE:A’s Kwanghee @ Inkigayo

140824 prince_kwanghee: ^~^

streams (03:40 PM KST, started): sbs | ustream | kpopstreamonline

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140814 EXO filming with G.O.D on 90:2014!

Joon Park updated his instagram with the following picture and comment:

멋쨍이동생들 #EXO 와함깨! 넘즐건시간이였어 매앤! 수고들햇어! EXO 90:2014 god편 많이 기대해주세요! #지오디 #엑소 #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah!
[TRANS] With the handsome dongsaengs #EXO! It was a lot of fun man! You’ve worked hard! Please anticipate EXO 90:2014’s GOD version! #GOD #EXO #kpop #Seoul #Korea #Mnet Had a GREAT time With our lil brothers EXO on their new show EXO 90:2014! Jeeeyeeeah!

Source: godjp

He also posted a picture from the filming on his twitter account:

Mnet #EXO 90:2014 set장애서! #액소 동생들은 멋찐건 당현하지만 다들 넘착하다! 리더 수호의 여양이 큰거갓다! My EXO lil bros are all Nice guys! #지오디 #kpop
[TRANS] At Mnet #EXO 90:2014′s set! #EXO little brothers are all very cool but you’re all too nice! Especially the very influential leader Suho! My EXO lil bros are all Nice guys! #GOD #kpop

Source: godJoonPark | translation: soompi

Meanwhile, G.O.D member Son Ho Young updated pictures with Suho on his twitter account


오늘 녹화 완전 기분좋게 즐겁게 했어요^^ 너무너무 대견한 수호~멋진 리더임을 알고갑니다
[TRANS] We had a very nice and fun time filming today^^ The very very great Suho~ I now know why you’re a great leader

source: dajungho2 | translation: soompi
Hello! Hello! Wait, for the episode on August 22nd!  Sorry for not updating for three days, I attended a KPOP organization, it’s an event so yeah… 🙂
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140529 EXO Days Sticker Special with Suho on LINE

cr:  Also KPOP

Suho LINE stickers


source: LINE

~Since these stickers are available in Korea only, so just download here —> http://imgur.com/a/Sm28T

source: _fanxing


I’m sorry for Suho! I posted this late because I forgot all about him! I’m sorry! 😦 😀 kekeke



D.O and Suho visited the injured Hongkong fans at the hospital

Apologetic to the fans who got hurt at their concert, EXO’s D.O and Suho visited the hospital to see how the fans were doing.

According to SM Entertainment on June 3, during the EXO from EXOPPLANET #1 – The Lost Planet in Hong Kong on June 2, an error occurred with the set, accidentally injuring two fans in the audience. The fans were immediately transported to the hospital.

Upon hearing that fans were hurt, Suho and D.O went to the hospital to visit and talk with the fans as representatives of the group. The fans thanked the EXO members through their SNS accounts.

SM Entertainment stated that as the injury was caused due to a stage error, SM Entertainment,
Dream Maker, in charge of the concert production, and Media Asia, in charge of on-site issues, apologized for the accident and promised to take full responsibility of the treatment of the fans.

“We will do our best with the production company to make sure this does not happen again,” said SM Entertainment.

Fans who was injured and was visited by Suho and Kyungsoo got their signs


🎂Happy Birthday Kim Junmyeon! #HappySuhoDay 🎂

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#hashtags: #HappySuhoDay  #HappyAngelSuhoDay  #HappyGuardianSuhoDay  #HappyGurdianDay

greet on twiter a happy birthday to our beloved leader, Kim Junmyeon~!



tumblr_n5bk6tltnR1rm35o3o1_500KIM JUNMYEON aka SUHO

Born: May 22, 1992

In Korea, he is officially turned 24 years old ! 🙂


Our beloved leader of EXO

Our guardian angel

Our rich oppa (who uses credit card ><)

Our loving and protective appa

Our handsome and cute boy

Our cool and endearing MC

He is passionate and hardworking

He is a great, caring & sexy leader

Loves his boys and fans

Has a voice of an angel

He is funny and humorous

His gorgeous smile

His cute face when he cries if EXO wins (we are proud of you!)

And his dorky adorableness…

~ ^^ ~

“SUHO OPPA! We are all proud of you! For taking care and loving your members and your fans! And for the winning you experience! You are a truly great leader and for being there for EXO and for us fans! Even Kris left, he left because it will be for the good…

We are one! EXO, saranghaja! Suho, saranghaja, we are all here to love and support you all throughout!”

“I’m of the style to work hard, even for small things.”

“During the 4th or 5th year, I injured my leg and I couldn’t dance for a year. I was worried that I’d be behind my fellow trainees and it would never heal. It was really scary.”

“Honestly I’ve wanted to give up a lot of times. But I worked hard. I think the reason why I managed to endure it during 7 years is because I believed I would have succeeded if I worked hard.”

“Everything I’ve dreamed of in the past seven years all came true in these three days.”





My Birthday Message for Suho: 😀

Dear Suho,


Happy 24th birthday Kim Junmyeon oppa! Suho turned a year older again (our cute appa^^) You are a great leader to EXO and your like there appa, who loves, cares, and protects them forever. You are a hardworking and passionate in your career, to your members, and your fans! You always win in performances because of your leadership that motivates the boys to be always “WE ARE ONE.” I am so proud of you and your leadership, humbleness, and love for EXO. You will always be my handsome, cute, talented, endearing, dork, adorable, sexy, and funny Suho. XD Your dongsaengs and your 3 hyungs are always there for you. I admire your passion and you give always your very best in everything. You have done a great step for EXO again. We love you! So, I know in some events that you don’t have Kris (EXO-M leader) to be with you. It’s okay. Kris will still be a part of EXO always! Stay strong always! Wish all the best for you in your birthday and everyday! Suho fighting! EXO, Saranghaja! “WE ARE ONE!” ❤






EXO birthday greeting for Suho on Instagram

from Baekhyun:


엎드려도 이렇게나 멋있네요 .. 그렇다면 오늘 생일이니깐.. 크흠😈 #생일축하합니다.리더김준면

trans: You look cool even when you’re lying down like this .. that’s only the case because it’s your birthday today.. ahem #HappyBirthday.LeaderKimJunmyeon


from Sehun:


Happy birthday🎵👄#suho


from Lay:


생일 축하해라 리더 김준면 ~^^ 엑소 잘부탁한다

trans: happy birthday leader kim junmyeon ~^^ please look after exo


from Tao:


우리엄마생일축하해~~ 사랑해 리더엄엄마♡♡♡♡♡♡

trans: happy birthday to our umma~~ i love you, leader umma♡♡♡♡♡♡


from Luhan:


생일축하해~ !

trans: happy birthday~ !


from Chanyeol:


내사랑 리더형 생일축하해요♥

trans: my love leader hyung happy birthday♥


EXO’s Manager Tweeted:

Happy Birthday to our dear sweet leader SUHO~♥!! again ver. 33..


Source: Groovechaja




DID YOU KNOW? Exotics Usa donated a water fountain for the children in Gaza in name of Kim Joonmyun, and also named a star after him!




credits: exochocolate and gifs, photos, videos are not mine

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140518 [ENG SUB] Suho & Baekhyun & EXO-K @ SBS Inkigayo MC Full Cut

credits: LOVE Kyungsoo

Yay! I missed BaekHo on SBS Inkigayo!!! It’s been weeks. They didn’t get to appear as MCs on the past weeks because you know, it’s their overdose comeback, album release, and about Mr. Galaxy’s issue…So they are back with black n’ white formal theme! And it’s also EXO-K’s performance here too with their 4th win, so EXO’s 6th win! Congratulations! EXO, fighting! XD ❤

140517 We Got Married Global editon – EXO’s Chanyeol & Suho cut

Chanyeol and Suho went to Key and Arisa’s wedding on WGM Global edition. This was film probably two months ago.

Suho kept waving to the first wedding frame in Key’s wedding ceremony while saying ”Ari-chan“
Key then said ”She’s not here yet. What’s wrong with you. Are you too exhausted from the activities recently?“
Suho replied ”Too happy. It’s because I heard you got married so I was really happy.“

Suho compared Key’s guest attendance frame (it’s a picture of a tree where the guess have to ink their fingerprints) to EXO’s tree of life.

Amber acted like the bodyguard of the wedding ceremony and ”searched” their bodies before letting them past through.

Suho introduced himself to Yagi Arisa in Japanese, Chanyeol too.

Key tried to explain to Ari that even though Suho and him are of the same age but Suho is older than Key because of the month.

Suho and Chanyeol brought cups with a cat and a dog’s faces printed on and Suho said that it resembles them

Q: How do you feel seeing Key and Ari?
Suho & Chanyeol: Firstly , jealous. Also , cute and talented(?). They look good together.

Q: Any words for the newlywed?
Suho: You look very happy today. We wish that you two will be as happy as together in the coming future too.

that’s all… XD
cuties :3

140517 EXO-K Overdose – Show Champion

Congratulations!!! on #Overdose4thWin

EXO-K Show Champion Backstage TV (ENG SUB)

EXO-K 3rd wins
EXO-M 1st win

EXO, Fighting ! 😀

P.S And what happened to Kai, he injured his back so at the last thanking speech of EXO-K, he was not there. He was sent to the hospital immediately.

So, if you might blame SM for letting them overwork, please do not anymore. We cannot do anything. Hope SM will take care of them more! Let’s all just make EXO happy!

Just support him and hope he get well soon! EXO, let’s love! We are one! Fighting! ^^



credits: for the second vid (DOUBLE EST)

140510 EXO-K at Incheon Airport

EXO-K is on their way to Shanghai for the ‘EXO THE 2ND MINI ALBUM COMEBACK SHOW’ which will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China on Sunday, May 11 at 3:30 PM CST.















source: dailyexo , starnews

Aren’t they all so perfect? Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, and Suho are making me melt with their faces and shades on! SO HOT AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME! It seems KaiSoo were the only one without shades! Hehe…And Kai seems tired, get rest guys!